394 Caught Red Handed

The Skycrawler's shield was battered and shuddered violently as a crimson lightning bolt struck it, leaving multiple large cracks in its shields, making the ship even more vulnerable.

Inside the cabin, Eradicator, injured yet resolute, was at the helm, maneuvering the ship with intense focus. Asher stood beside her, his expression marked with concern.

"How long will we last up here?" Asher asked, his brows furrowed as he observed the ship's deteriorating condition.

Eradicator's voice was calm, yet underscored with seriousness, "We've sustained too much damage by sacrificing our defenses for speed. If we don't lower the ship now, we may not survive but we are also not out of enemy territories yet. Still, we're also close to getting past the storm," she explained, her hands steady despite the ship's violent tremors.


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