390 Battle Within The Storm

Eradicator immediately shook her head, "Your Majesty, that is too dangerous. The sky is alive with lightning bolts. You could be in grave danger while trying to fight them. Let me try to buy some time."

Asher turned to face her, his gaze unwavering, "No. There is no point in you fighting alone. It doesn't change anything," He then turned towards Naida and asked, "And how, pray tell, are those werewolves managing to stand atop our ship without getting killed? Last time I checked, they aren't immune to lightning."

Naida answered, her voice tinged with suspicion, "The only possibility I can think of is Thunderstone armor made out of highly rare Thunderstones. It naturally repels lightning. But those stones are guarded zealously by the Moonbinder Clan where these stones form. It's not something we can just procure."


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