387 Away From The Kingdom

On the morning after two days, the Bloodburn Kingdom was steeped in a palpable mix of nervousness and anticipation. 

Tens of thousands of citizens, from the highest nobles to the common folk, gathered in a sea of faces, their eyes fixated on the Skycrawler, the kingdom's most formidable flying ship, now prepared for the king's journey to the Draconis Kingdom.

In the midst of the gathered crowd, whispers and murmurs rippled through, "Look at the legendary Skycrawler! It's as big as Flaralis," one onlooker remarked in awe.

The Skycrawler, a vessel of dark, almost jet-black hue, towered impressively over the throng. 

Its dragon-like structure was an embodiment of power and elegance, with large, bat-like wings unfurling majestically. 

Intricate runic carvings adorned its wings, glowing with a hellish ember that added to its awe-inspiring appearance.


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