389 Are You Afraid?

Naida stepped closer, after seeing Asher stuck in a dilemma, "We must act swiftly, Your Majesty. The Rustbloods are as fierce as their poison. I would advise to kill as many of them as possible even if it means sacrificing some."

Asher's eyes narrowed as he understood what she was talking about.

He let out a sharp sigh before saying to Eradicator, "Lower some of our defensive powers and use them to blast away these dogs trying to enter our ship. Let's give them a taste of our Skycrawler's wrath."

Without a word, Eradicator's fingers danced across the control panel, expertly reallocating the ship's resources. The Skycrawler's hull began to hum with more aggressive energy, its barriers pulsating with deadly intent.

But everybody could see the defensive light of the ship's shield dimming, the lightning from the storm causing even more turbulence to their ship.

"Ohh…won't our ship sustain damage?" Leonidas asked Caelum in a low voice.


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