398 An Illusory Prison

Kira let out a long sigh, her eyes closing briefly as she grappled with the weight of her situation, "You already know...My cover was broken, and I got exposed in a way I never imagined all these years," she admitted with a hint of frustration in her voice. 

Zu nodded with furrowed brows, "I heard…I never thought an alien boy who was soulless for almost his entire life would be the one. He can't be ordinary at all if he managed to slip under your eyes."

"He isn't," Kira said with a hardened expression and added, "That is why I want him dead first. I have this gnawing feeling that he is going to be very troublesome if allowed to live. He is head over heels with his queen, so he will do whatever it takes to secure the interests of his kingdom. Him getting crowned as the king only sealed that fact."

She then looked at Zu with concern, "Does everyone here know about it?"


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