388 A Storm Ahead

Asher stepped onto the front deck of the Skycrawler, where Eradicator stood with unwavering focus, her eyes scanning the horizon. 

The control panels before her flickered with an array of luminescent runes and gauges, but her attention was as much on the dark, ominous skies as on the instruments.

Perched on her shoulder, a small cat with glossy black fur and piercing red eyes meticulously groomed its paw. Its two fluffy tails swished gently, almost in rhythm with the hum of the Skycrawler's engines.

Sensing the king's approach, Eradicator turned smoothly, her movements precise and efficient. The cat, seemingly undisturbed, agilely climbed atop her helmet, settling comfortably.

Eradicator bowed slightly, her voice even and devoid of emotion, "Your Majesty."

Asher offered a surprised smile, "I wasn't expecting you to bring Twilight along."


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