1 The Beginning

'Whoosh' 'Whoosh'

"Hey, would you shut the window and go to sleep for crying out loud" yelled Maria at Abel who was staring at the woods not far from where they are living.

"Alright Maria but can you give me a minute, I think I saw something go past the woods not quite long" replied Abel a sixteen years old boy with black hair and golden eyes.

"How can you see what is moving when it is already dark. if you don't close the window, then you leave me no choice then to report you to mother and tell her how you have been skipping school" said Maria.

"I thought you promise you would never tell as long as I get you a candy" asked Abel as he turn to take a long at his sister.

"Looks like the deal is over since you don't want me to get a good night's sleep" replied Maria.

"Alright fine, I will close it" said Abel reluctantly as he take one more look at the woods before closing the window.


Meanwhile, deep in the woods, there was a shadow moving around while dragging a human already with until it has gotten far from the town where it place the body on the ground before eating at the body like an animal until there was nothing left of it.

It took a little much time before whatever it was that was eating on human flesh not quite long to begin to wiggle before reverting to a human who was barely naked.

"good thing I chose to move into this town else I wonder who was have become of me if I continue to live with the rest" said a muscular man as he begin to make his way out of the wood bare naked.

After making it out of the woods, he stare at his surrounding with a frosty look on his face not even caring for the world if they were to see him naked.

"First let's get some clothes" he said before walking towards a clothing store that was about to close for the day.

The store owner who was just about to close for the day saw a man walking towards her shop while being naked which gave her the creep as she quickly yelled before the man could get to her.

"I'm sorry sir but we are close for the day, if you want anything, you can come tomorrow".

"I only want some close and nothing more" replied the young man as he continue his advancement towards the store.

"But I just said we are close, you should leave now before I call the po….." Before she could finish what she have to say, the man has already appeared before her and smacked her as she was sent flying into the store while destroying the door in the process before landing on one of the clothes holders as it pierce into her heart as she breathes her last.

"All I wanted was just some clothes and you want to get the police involved" said the man in anger before making his way inside to pick what he wants. Black jeans with a round neck shirt and a black leather jacket before getting dressed.

Walking out of the store, he turn around and look at the lady hanging on the wall dead as he let out a painful sigh.

"I can't believe I just wasted a meal and a healthy one at that" he said before walking out of the store and walk away.


The next morning.

Able was wake up by his sister who was preparing to go to school.

"I don't think others will have a little sister that always gives them hard time as you do" said Abel as he wipe his eyes before struggling to get up.

"Hey am fourteen so you cant call me little and besides you are going to be late for school if you don't move your ass" reply Maria with a frown as she gave him a light kick.

"alright fine you are not little" said Abel as he place his hand on his butt to give it a little massage before going to take his shower.

Heading to the living room where breakfast is served as he sat down to eat what the world has to offer him in the morning, some bread and a glass of milk since they are not from a wealthy home, it is the least their mother can get them.

While eating, the television was turned on as news about a store being robbed in the night with the owner being killed in the process.

"strange things keep happening in this town each passing day" murmur Abel as he turns his gaze from the television.

"Come on boy hurry with your food and get going before you are late" said mother as she hurried him to eat up.

"I don't think I will be going to school with you since you only end up getting late" complain Maria as she raises a brow at him to signal him to hurry up.

Since they both attended the same high school, they always move together and only went their separate ways to avoid seen walking together when they got to the school entrance.

Abel was just about to make his way in when someone tugged him on the shirt as he turn around only to see a young boy who was seen to be at the same age as he smiling with blonde hair.

"always coming late are we, if I am not mistaken you should have been given an award for your coming late" said the young man with a light chuckle.

"like you are any better Perry" replied Abel with a smile.

The young man who tug him was no other than his best friend and sit mate Perry A.K.The freak, he was given that name by his classmates due to his crazy character.





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