The Cursed Trickster Book

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The Cursed Trickster


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It’s been 120 years since the world of Aegis became a reality to its players. The trickster, Morgana, spent a century of that time locked in The Underworld after sacrificing herself to save Aegis from her nemesis. Now, she has been brought back into the world that had forsaken her once, and while Aegis is back to its incessant cycle of chaos, all Morgana wants to do is go back to The Underworld and play board games. Forging new alliances, adopting a child, toppling empires, rebuilding kingdoms, confronting new and old adversaries, and uncovering the mysteries of the past century she spent away. Morgana might need to stay and end the cycle of chaos once and for all… --------------------------------------------- [The first chapter is the longest. Other chapters go from 1k - 1.5k words] [3rd person narration] If you want to see artwork of the novel, check out: caracasm.carrd.co