The Cursed Seal Book

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The Cursed Seal


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I am working on a rewrite ver. Draconia. Not sure when I will complete it. But, work is going on slow and steadily. ************************** Humanity survived the Demonic War and barely won the battle with the help of the Six Strongest Heroes. But the Heroes who sacrificed everything were betrayed by their own ally, the Heavenly Palace and the King of Humanity. Betrayed and backstabbed by his closest friend, Lucas shattered the cursed seal with his remaining power before he took his last breath. Thousands of years passed, and Lucas opened his eyes in the New Era of Heroes. He was reborn into a body of a newborn child. A new journey began for Lucas. Follow our reincarnated Hero along with his five comrades in this action-filled tragic journey in search of the truth and free his realm from The Cursed Seal. Sometimes truth is better left buried...