17 Why Do You Always Take A Bath Before Bed?

After Emmelyn took off her clothes, she walked over to the bathtub and stepped inside. The tub was half-filled with water, and on autumn nights like this, the warm water felt like a treat to her feet.

Because it was dark, Emmelyn had to hold on to the edge of the tub so that she didn't take a wrong step. Mars just smiled at himself seeing the girl's behavior. He stretched out his hand about to touch the girl's hand and lead her in, but when his hand touched Emmelyn's skin, the girl spontaneously hit him.



"Gosh, don't surprise me, you bastard," scolded Emmelyn. "What if I have a weak heart? I could die!"

Mars was shocked to hear that. "You have a weak heart?"

"No, but you didn't know if I do, right?" Emmelyn retorted. "Next time don't surprise me."

She held on to the edge of the tub and then put her feet one by one into the tub. Luckily the bathtub was big enough for the two of them, so she could quickly find a position at the very end, as far away from Mars as possible.

Once she was inside, Emmelyn kept her hair on a bun to keep it from getting wet. Having wet hair before bed was very inconvenient. She might get sick the next day.

Surprisingly, this scummy prince loved his bath before going to sleep. Well, can't blame him, though. He had unlimited access to clean water, and he wasn't the one to carry the water buckets, Emmelyn thought to herself.

"Do you like the temperature?" asked Mars suddenly, startling Emmelyn.

He had been watching the girl with his sharp eyes, while Emmelyn didn't seem to realize that Mars could see all her movements clearly.

From the moment she got into the bathtub, the girl had seemed absent-minded and her lips would pout as if she was thinking about a serious matter. Nothing escaped Mars's eyes. He watched her attentively because everything she did made the man feel fascinated.

Usually, girls would look ugly when they pouted or sulked, but strangely, the girl in front of him looked even more attractive when she did those. When he saw her deep in thoughts, Mars actually wanted to know what was on the girl's mind.

Was she thinking about what they were going to do in bed soon?

Ahh ... the thoughts made Mars's face turn slightly red in the dark. He was also eager to do the deed. He had been wondering all day how it would be like to sleep with her. He had never done this with any woman because of the curse, so he was full of anticipation.

Mars often heard from his cousins ​​and the officers under him what it was like to have sex with girls, but... he never knew the real thing. You know, it's like hearing from people how cherry was so delicious, but no matter how much people explained the taste, he couldn't relate since he never ate cherry.

Fortunately, Emmelyn suddenly came into his life and sex would no longer be a mystery to him.

Tonight... he would find out what cherry tasted like.

Unknowingly, Prince Mars swallowed hard, something inside him woke up, and slowly he started to feel uncomfortable. Usually, his bath would be the most relaxing time of his day, but somehow, tonight, that was not the case.

He had this habit of washing up before going to sleep because he had severe difficulties with sleep. The only way to get good sleep, in addition to taking all the sleeping potion from the court physician, was he had to always make himself as comfortable as possible before bed.

His strenuous activities during the day, taking care of the state affairs, military training, and managing the soldiers made his body dirty or sweaty. That's why, to relax, he must clean himself, then slept after taking the sleeping potion.

However, for some reason, tonight, instead of feeling relaxed, his body became tense, especially his lower body.

"The water temperature is not bad," said Emmelyn in a flat voice. While talking, her mind was busy thinking. She didn't know what to do while they bathed. Should they wash each other ... or?

"Hmm ... I usually ask for the water to be warmer. I need it to relax my muscles after training all day," Mars explained without being asked. "But because you're joining me, I thought women with their softer skin could not stand it if the water is too hot. That's why I asked them to lower the water temperature."

" Oh ..." That was all Emmelyn could say.

This man seemed quite attentive to her needs, she gave him that. He asked her favorite food, and now intentionally lower the bathwater temperature for her. At this point, even a sharp-tongued Emmelyn couldn't find anything bad to say to him.

The atmosphere became quiet again. Emmelyn, who was naturally a chatterbox, began to feel uncomfortable sharing a bathtub with a man in such deafening silence. Finally, she decided to start a conversation.

"I have been wondering, why do you always take a bath before going to sleep?" asked Emmelyn finally. "As far as I know, other noblemen only wash up when they are really dirty. You are the only man I know to bathe every day."

Mars furrowed his brows at this unusual question. He just found out that Emmelyn noticed such a small thing. He liked it that she paid attention to his habit.

"Hmm ... you are right," Mars replied. "I do too much physical activities during the day. My body needs to relax so I can rest. I can't sleep with a dirty or sweaty body, so I really had no choice. That's why, since childhood, I used to take a bath before going to sleep."

Emmelyn nodded in understanding. She finally knew why the devil had such a habit. Hmm ... she admitted that soaking in warm water like this before going to sleep did make her body and mind calmer. She felt so comfortable that when she closed her eyes, she could just fall asleep here on the tub.

Maybe in the future when she had returned to Wintermere and got her kingdom back, she would copy this wonderful habit from the devil.

"Ahh .. I am done," said Mars after a while. He then rubbed his body and cleaned it. After he was happy with everything, he then got up from the bathtub and stepped out. He took a cloth to dry himself and waited for Emmelyn to come out too. "Aren't you done too? Don't forget what we have to do tonight."

Emmelyn, who felt lulled by the comfort in the bathtub filled with warm water, was almost drifted to sleep when Mars stepped out of the tub. She jolted up and woke up at the sound of his voice.

"Oh my ... I almost fell asleep," she muttered. "You are right. Taking a bath before bed is so relaxing."

Right. She cannot sleep now. After this, they have to do something.

Ahem. Baby-making work.

She had finally agreed to his request and even signed a written agreement with the man. That means, she was now bound to him and must really bear his children.

[The sooner the better, Emmelyn. So you can go.]

Mars stretched out his hand and helped Emmelyn up. When the girl stepped out of the bath and accidentally touched his body, Emmelyn realized that this shameless prince was still naked.

Instantly the girl's face flushed red like a boiled crab.

"You pervert," she grumbled.

"What did you say?" asked Mars as he draped a drying cloth over Emmelyn's back and helped rub her dry.

"Uhmm ... I can dry myself, okay," said Emmelyn, suddenly feeling like she was being treated like a child.

"You're too slow," said the shameless man hoarsely.

He finished drying Emmelyn's body at such a speed that Emmelyn had not even had the chance to protest further. Suddenly, he lifted her in his arms.

"Aaaahhh ..." Emmelyn, who was surprised because she was carried suddenly, instantly wrapped her hands around the man's neck to keep her balance.

Mars smiled, seeing the girl hugging his neck, and walked excitedly to his big bed with Emmelyn in his arms.




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