14 Let's Make Babies (2)

Emmelyn suddenly felt her cheeks turn hot when she heard the man's words. Her heart pounding faster and faster as the devil slowly closed the distance between them. It didn't help that his masculine scent filled her nostrils and made her feel like she was drunk in euphoria.

[Why did he always smell so nice?]

Their bodies finally touched. Their faces were only inches away and the devil looked at Emmelyn with a faint smile. He raised his right hand and caressed the girl's hair. Since she already took a bath today, her hair was so soft and smelled wonderful.

The devil closed his eyes and inhaled Emmelyn's scent from the top of her head. It seemed, he also liked her scent, as much as she liked his (even though she wouldn't admit it).

Emmelyn couldn't explain her reaction when the devil touched her hair and stared into her eyes. She didn't mean to feel excited, but somehow her body betrayed the owner. She was trembling, not out of fear but... excitement? Her breath was panting and her mind was in a mess.

Emmelyn didn't know that she was aroused. She never had sex before and didn't know what to expect. Somehow, being so close to this extremely good looking devil and his masculine scent drove her crazy.

"Wh-what do you want...?" Emmelyn asked again with a hoarse voice. "Do you want to... do it here?"

The devil smiled in amusement when he heard her. "If you want."

What? He would really do it here? She swallowed.

With the last of her consciousness, Emmelyn shook her head with difficulty. "Not here, please..."

"Okay," the devil replied with a sultry voice. He was already aroused and was so tempted to kiss her, but he wanted to wait and savor the moment in the best place. He was worried if he kissed her now, he wouldn't be able to hold back and would just fuck her right there and then.

No. This was their first time. It had to be perfect. He wanted the perfect children, so they had to do it properly.

Emmelyn pushed the devil's chest and stepped back. Her clear mind came back at the last minute. "I don't want to do it without a guarantee."

The devil started to feel uncomfortable down there. He really wanted to grope her and kiss her and entered her...

"What guarantee?" he asked with a husky voice.

"I want to get your guarantee that I will get my freedom and my kingdom back," Emmelyn replied firmly. "In writing."

"Do you want me to write down our agreement?" The devil was surprised to hear her request all of a sudden.

"Yes. I will need it to secure my future. If you break your promise to me, I will make sure everyone knows that Prince Mars Strongmoor is a worthless liar."

"Fine. You will get your agreement," Mars quickly nodded.

"I want it now."

Mars saw that this little woman wouldn't budge, he finally relented.

"Fine. Let's go to my chamber. I keep my quill and stamp there," he said with a sigh.

"If you try to do anything to me without my consent, I promise you, you will never get your heir. I will kill myself." Emmelyn threatened him to show that she was serious with her words. "If I die, your child dies as well."

The devil sighed. He didn't say anything but motioned her to follow him.

They walked together to the devil's chamber on the second floor. Emmelyn was familiar with this room because she was often assigned to clean it when she was his servant. However, somehow, when she entered this place as herself, not a servant, she saw it differently.

Now, she could appreciate the massive bed with a nice and comfortable mattress. The fluffy rug on the floor was so soft on her feet. The huge window was open to show the beautiful night sky adorned with a full moon and billions of stars.

She felt relieved they would do it here and not in the dining room.

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