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This chapter contains an explicit mature scene. Please read at your own discretion.



That night, Mars slept very well, without the aid of any sleeping potion at all. He also didn't have any nightmares. It was the first time that he had a comfortable and peaceful sleep without interruption.

He didn't know if he was "cured" of his curse or if his hard work in the previous night making love to Emmelyn made his body too tired that he just passed out. Whatever that was, he was happy. It was so good to have a nice sleep.

When he woke up, he felt very refreshed. When he opened his eyes, Mars felt a soft and warm body lying in his arms. His mind went back to what happened last night, and a smile immediately adorned his lips.

Emmelyn snuck her head to his chest while sleeping, and the girl had unwittingly wrapped her arms around Mars's stomach and hugged him tightly.

Ahhh ... this position felt very comfortable, Mars thought.

Emmelyn's body fits perfectly in his embrace. Maybe this was what made his sleep last night very pleasant. However, having a beautiful naked girl by his side when he woke up was not too favorable.

As usual, when he woke up in the morning, Mars felt his manhood erect.

The regular morning wood.

Ugh ... this is bad, he thought.

This time with Emmelyn's naked body in his arms, desire engulfed his senses as soon as he opened his eyes.

Ugh .... what should he do now? He didn't want to fuck her again in the morning, because last night she was already exhausted.

He did not want the mother of his future child to fall ill from having too much sex.

[Mars, you are an adult man. You can do this. Have some self-control.] The man scolded himself.

He moved very gently to get away from Emmelyn. He didn't want to wake her up.

Ugh .. it's hard to do if Emmelyn's head snuck like this on his chest.

[Ahh ... shit.]

With this position, Mars could smell Emmelyn's scent from the top of her head. It was very distinctive and had already made him addicted after their vigorous lovemaking the night before.

Ever since their bodies united as one, every little thing about this girl made him addicted. Her coyish moans, her scent, her pout, even her temper...

Smelling her wonderful scent in such close proximity like this almost drove the prince crazy.

Jeez ... he was now engulfed by explosive desire, and his rockhard manhood was throbbing, asking for release.

He didn't want to fuck Emmelyn again, but ...


The young man was startled when Emmelyn's hand that was hugging his waist suddenly moved down and touched his erect penis.

Mars' heart skipped a beat.

He subconsciously held his breath.

This is... unbearable.

What to do?

He touched Emmelyn's hand on his manhood, wanting to remove it gently, so he could roll sideways and get away from her.


Unfortunately, the girl's hand instead rubbed his penis with her fingers.

Mars frowned. He tilted his head and looked at the girl's face.

Ahhh .. He saw Emmelyn muttered something in her sleep. It looked like she was dreaming.

The girl kept touching Mars' penis with her hand like she was petting a cute animal in her dream. Mars felt all the blood in his body went to his manhood and he was ready to explode.

It was, oh, unbearable. He couldn't take it anymore.

Finally, Mars gave up.

He knew it was futile to try to get away from Emmelyn and take care of his problem alone, but at the same time, he didn't want to disturb her sleep.

Uhmm ...

He took Emmelyn's hand and wrapped it around his erect shaft, then carefully guided the girl's hand up and down.

Once her hand was wrapped nicely around his penis and moved regularly... he immediately let out a soft moan.

[Jeez!! What sorcery is this? It feels awesome!]

Mars did not know that a handjob, given by the opposite sex, was ten times better than if he did it himself. Especially since the girl was as beautiful as Emmelyn, coupled with the fact that he was mentally and sexually attracted to her.

He just found his second favorite position!

This one was so good since he didn't have to work hard but still got really nice pleasure.

The man closed his eyes and enjoyed the movement of Emmelyn's hand as she rubbed his shaft up and down in a regular motion.

Ahhh ... when he almost got his release, Mars moved Emmelyn's hand faster ...

And faster ...

Until finally ... he reached his peak and released his seeds to her hand.

The man couldn't help but let out a soft growl because it felt so good.

What a perfect way to start his day!

The prince was really happy. After living for 27 years on earth, this was the first time he could experience the pleasure of sexual intercourse, in all different forms. For that, he had to thank Emmelyn.

Ahhh ... his chest was pounding and his breath panting for a few minutes after he got his release. Once he managed to calm himself down, Mars kissed Emmelyn's hair and rolled to his side, careful not to wake her.

After he cleaned himself and her hand, he put on his clothes and rushed out of the chamber to have a morning practice with his soldiers.


Emmelyn woke up when the sun was already high. Gosh ... No wonder she slept so much. She felt so tired. Her whole body, especially the lower part, felt sore.

'This is because that bastard didn't give me time to rest,' Emmelyn complained inwardly, pursing her lips.

The events of last night were played out in her memory. Instantly, her cheeks flushed when she remembered what they had done.

Gosh ... She felt so embarrassed when she thought about how noisy she had been during their lovemaking. Her moans and screams must have been heard throughout the castle.

Ouch .. how could she show her face in front of everyone? The guards and other servants must know what she did with Prince Mars last night.

Oh my God .... what to do???

She cupped her face with both hands in shame.

"Eh ...?" Emmelyn was shocked because her right hand suddenly fell to her side. She didn't have the strength to raise that hand.

[What is happening to me? Did I become paralyzed?]

[Could it be that the curse has finally hit me?]

[Am I going to die???]


Emmelyn's screams rang throughout the castle, all the way to the castle courtyard where Mars was practicing sword fighting with his men.




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LOL.. poor Emmelyn. What do you think she would do when she knew she is not going to die, and her hand lost strength because.. uhm... it worked hard in the morning? And do you think Mars will tell her the truth?

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