130 The sleepover

Alicia wasn't sure how she was supposed to react. One moment, he was saying that he was going to be her new instructor; the next moment, he was racing out of the place in large strides, as if he was embarrassed by it. 

She just stood there, staring at the door as a small smile slowly spread across her face. She shrugged and turned around. 


"He's cute." She said to herself while smiling as she went to stand in front of the mirror to get herself ready for tonight. She wasn't getting ready for him or anything; she just liked to look good always. 

She took a comb and, as she untied her hair and started brushing it, she reasoned that she didn't exactly hate the idea of him being her instructor. Even though he hadn't lectured her before, she had the feeling he would be a better professor than the other two girls. And which lady didn't like a sexy professor? 

She wasn't saying that Harold was sexy. She was just saying.... you know... you get the point? 


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