396 The Options

Richard just looked at the two. 

Aside from what had just happened, he could tell something was bothering Anne. On the other hand, he could not understand what was wrong with Wilder or why he had worn the cloak when he was supposed to be checking his injury. How was he still standing there and chatting with her? He could smell Wilder's discomfort from where he stood. 


"Look at me," Wilder ordered Anne when she kept staring into the stream. 


She sighed and turned to look at him, locking eyes. "This... is going to be my last time meeting you." She said. 


The silence dragged between them before he said, "They finally know."


"What?" Anne asked, looking confused by his comment.


Instead of answering, he grabbed her by the waist and drew her closer to him with barely enough space between them. She let out a shout and looked up at him with wide eyes, but he ignored everything else and just leaned down. 


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