388 Strangely different


Prince Eli's call distracted the two.

They weren't sure how he was able to follow them out here without them noticing him. Maybe it had to do with how Alphas can sometimes mask their presence.

From the look on Wilder's face, he didn't like it.

"Why are you here, dear brother? Weren't you warned to stay away from me since the incident?" 

"I am against this," Eli said seriously, ignoring the comment he just made. 

"You are against everything," Wilder said with a bored look.

"Then don't do it. Not only is it dangerous, but you are also going to be killing many innocent people."

"Witches are never innocent."

"We aren't either."

"That is why we need to get rid of every threat before they come for us."

"That is a wrong approach!" Eli said angrily but Wilder just scoffed at him. 


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