154 Pissed wife

Alicia looked at Harold like he was crazy before scoffing loudly. 

"Why the hell would I be jealous?!" She asked him in disbelief and marched to her chamber, opening the door forcefully and was about to slam it when he pushed it open and entered, before closing the door behind him. 

"What?!" She snapped at him, wondering why he was still following her. Wasn't he eager to get away just now? 

"Care to explain why you have this wild attitude right now if it's not jealousy?" He said calmly while spreading his palms open. He wasn't used to dealing with women, but something told him that this was definitely jealousy. 

Maybe if Alvin was here now, he would have been able to tell since he was usually smart about these things when they did not concern him. 

"I am just pissed. And I deserve to be." Alicia said angrily and folded her arms across her chest. 


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