136 Lunch with the king

When Alicia approached the garden to have lunch with the king, she noticed how quiet the environment was. There were no maids or guards in sight, except a bodyguard, and he stood away from the garden. She couldn't help wondering why.

By the time she arrived at the garden, she noticed that the king was already seated there and a variety of meals had been served too. She felt sorry that she had kept the king waiting.

As soon as the king saw her, he acknowledged her presence with a smile that made her nervous. Funny how she had been looking forward to this meeting so she could tell the king all she had on her mind, but now that it was just the two of them with no one else in sight, she was a little nervous. 

Also, she wanted to be done with this as soon as possible so she could go appease the big baby, who hadn't wanted her to leave when the guard came to call for her, because, according to him, he was not done teaching her for the day. 


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