387 Kill or be killed

"Prince Wilder had a bit of an attitude problem."

"Or maybe a lot."


Sir Richard said as he imagined Wilder in his majestic form simply walking on his own, looking as cold as usual with his entire black outfit, especially the fur coat he usually wore, with his hair parted to the side, almost covering his right eye, and looking like a wicked bandit leader. 

It was always difficult to tell he was of royal blood by the way he dressed. 

"As much as people feared him, they all thought he had the qualities of a leader. He could save the kingdom from any kind of war. He knew not how to solve problems if it wasn't through violence."


Even though decades had passed, he still shivered when he remembered him. How Wilder would casually walk into the royal court during a morning assembly, and even the king couldn't stop. 



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