403 Ill-fated

Richard and Lord Zealot waited for her to give in, but Anne seemed unfazed. She simply shrugged and said, "That is fine then. Everyone in your kingdom can keep rotting. And all of this will be for nothing because you will die, and so will your entire generation until there is no one left to remember you and all of these disgusting achievements you think you have."

Her words and entire countenance took them back to that night 7 years ago, when her mother had caused them and it awakened fear in them. 


Lord Zealot bellowed. "HOW DARE YOU—"


"YOU WILL NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME!" Anne yelled at him with fire in her eyes. 

"If you really do not wish to see the next full moon. Go on and raise that voice again." She threatened in a dark voice. 


Even Richard was shaken. From her tone, she was serious, and they couldn't take her words lightly. 



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