463 Heartbreaking


"She... is carrying our... child?" Harold whispered, the weight of the news sinking in. He turned to look at Alicia, his face a mixture of different emotions. 


"Yes, Your Highness, but…" the physician's voice trailed off, a grave concern evident on his face.


Harold turned to look at him sharply. "But what? Tell me!" Harold demanded, his voice growing more urgent.


"It... is a risky situation, my Prince." The physician explained, his tone gentle yet filled with apprehension. "Given the severity of her injuries, her body may not be able to handle the strain of developing a child."


Harold's mind raced with so many things. But almost immediately, he made his decision. "If the child puts her at risk, then… then get rid of it," he said, his voice quivering with emotion.


Alvin looked at him with both pity and sadness.



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