133 Harold's priorities


At Harold's question, Alvin looked to the side awkwardly. Did Harold really expect him to spell it out to him?

When Harold said nothing and just kept staring at him like he was waiting for a response, Alvin cleared his throat, "Perhaps physical mating?" Alvin suggested tentatively.

To his surprise, Harold looked like he was actually contemplating the idea. Some time ago, before Alicia set feet in the moon kingdom, Harold would never have harbored such a thought.

Seeing that Harold was actually contemplating it, Alvin decided to continue, "Hopefully, if you do it with her and the curse is fully broken, then you can marry one of our kind and get a..." Alvin stopped in confusion when Harold looked at him with disgust.

What did he say that was disgusting? He had expected Harold to react that way when he suggested he mate with a human, not when he suggested he marry a werewolf.


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