381 Crazy wench

While Harold was planning a matching couple's outfit for himself and his princess, the said princess was in Luciana's chamber, looking at her sleeping figure. 

Luciana looked terrible. The sight broke Alicia's heart into a million pieces. 

Luciana looked like a corpse and a lot smaller than she usually looked as she lay on the bed. She had a bandage around her neck and another wrapping from her shoulder down and also covering her entire left arm, but Alicia could not see the rest since she was covered with a quilt. 


"She is going to be okay, isn't she?" Luciana asked the physician who had just finished performing acupuncture on her. 


The young man bowed his head as he answered sadly, "I apologize, my Princess, but I do not know for certain—"


"What do you mean by saying you do not know for certain?" Luciana's mother cut in, crying. 


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