152 Couple's quarrel

When the first guest arrived, Ivan was quick to assign the Queen's bodyguard to lead them to their chamber. Since he was one of the most important people in the country, it was only normal that he would assign their person to lead him instead of letting Harold do that. 

Seeing how Harold was nonchalant about the whole thing made his blood boil. He had expected Harold to try and prove to the guests that he was worthy of the throne by being nice to them, but he didn't seem to mind, which made Ivan feel angry because it felt as though he was competing with Harold, who wasn't even putting any effort into it. 


As the queen's bodyguard, Damian, led the guest away, Ivan noticed how Damian's eyes went to the top of the building before he quickly looked away and continued walking ahead. 

Curious, Ivan turned and found Susan, Tyra, and that witch by the window, conversing together. 


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