241 Brave maid

It was no secret that neither Susan nor Williams wanted to leave. They tried to squirm free but could not. 

Williams had his arms tied to the rest of his body. His wrists were also tied separately, the same as his ankles. Susan only had her wrists and ankles tied together. 

It was so difficult to stay inside the carriage that was a lot smaller than what they were used to. Susan had it worse since she was seated inside, so she couldn't even look at her mother as she cried and complained to win her sympathy. 

Was this it? Susan thought sadly. If anyone had told her that she would become so attached to the palace like this, she would never have believed it. But thanks to Princess Amber, she had come to love living here, so how could she just leave this way without even saying goodbye to anyone? How could their mother just send them off like that? This was unfair.


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