128 Angry Harold

As soon as the King left together with the Queen, Harold stood up, his face rigid as he approached the door. 

Everyone followed his back with their eyes. It wasn't unusual for him to leave immediately after the King left, but tonight, there was this air all around him that made everyone guess something was eating him up and if anyone dared cross his path tonight, they were going to get burned. 


"Uhm... excuse me. Good night," Alicia said as she quickly stood up and chased after him, wondering who had annoyed him between the time she left him and now. 


"Wait up!" She called after him, but he didn't stop and just kept advancing like a man on a mission. 


She raced with all her might to get to him, but he didn't stop until she, unfortunately, tripped on her dress and fell. 


That was when he stopped and turned back immediately. 



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