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The Cursed King


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Read The Cursed King novel written by the author Missrealitybites on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering comedy, r18, superpowers, historical, royalfamily. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The cursed king is a shameless husband. (COMPLETED) Meet Loriel Ashborn, former king of Summeria, 15-century old immortal, a doting husband, certified simp, a wife's slave. In the land where the human race lived side by side with other races like the elves, witches, and those immortal beings often calling themselves gods, lived a powerful king, Loriel Ashborn. One fatal mistake caused him to lose the woman he loved as she was sent to the future by the evil Time Master before he died. The only way to see her again is for him to take the curse of immortality, and so he did. Now, after 15 centuries, Loriel finally found her again. But she didn't remember him? Well, who cares! This time, the shameless husband would never let her go ever again. To make her remember their life together, he even faked a terminal illness with his 'dying wish' was to experience how it was like to be married. And when he *cough cough* 'miraculously' made a full recovery, he said, "Wifey, you saved my life! Now, I owe you forever. I will repay with my body." *** AUTHOR'S NOTE: In their previous life, the king felt that he was not a good husband to his wife, so this time around, he would make up to her and be the best husband she could ever hope for. You will witness a total simp, a devoted doting husband who would pamper his wife to no end and give the whole world to her. I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This story will have a lot of snusnu/lemon/smut and it's not advised to read if you are prudish or underage. Also, there will be magic. A lot of magic because the male lead is a 'god' and the female lead is a 'witch'.


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Hello, webnovelers! (Hehe, it seems I made up a new word here but that's not the case 😁) What I want to say is that you definitely need to check this author's works! I love how she desribes the things that are important to everyone - family, friends, love and support between relatives. You will not meet overbearing male leads here. Her men are just perfect! If you are tired of cold super-duper-one-of-a-kind rich third generation young Masters, have a stop here and enjoy how a real man should be. And this King has a perfect wife too. Good luck with the contest, dear author! 🥳💪❤️


Thank you for stopping by this book. "The Cursed King" is a story about a husband who wanted a second chance to show how much he loved his wife. Loriel and Elise were betrothed from birth and Loriel didn't like their betrothal, yet he married her out of obligation. Over time, he finally realized that he actually loved her, so deeply. She was the sweetest and kindest woman he had ever met, and he fell in love with her slowly after he gave himself a chance to really get to know her. Unfortunately, before he could confess his love, she was sent to the future by his enemy and he must take the curse of immortality so he could see her again to tell her how much he loved her, and to treat her right. This time, the situation was reversed, Loriel was the one who had to work hard to win Elise's heart since she had removed all her memories about him. Can Loriel get Elise to love him again? Will they live happily ever after? You will have to read to find out, The story Is set in the modern time, but there will be many flashbacks to the past. So, you will see the story and the character development in two separate timelines. This story will have a lot of snusnu, as expected between two loving individuals. It will also have a lot of magic because the male lead is a 'god' and the female lead is a witch. I can recommend you to read "The Alchemists" and "The Cursed Prince" as you are waiting for more chapters in "The Cursed King" because the three stories are connected, but each of them is standalone that can be read separately.


This book is truely amazing and is about true love .When it is truely true love not time nor death can stop it.I enjoy and love how this author connects her stories to her other stories. But believe me they all stand alone with each having there own unique style and spin. It is amazing how this story just melts your heart. The characters come to life and I love the fact that this character is like a friend since we have met on another journey in the Crused Prince . This book has everything from joy and sadness, suspense and hold on to the edge of your seat emotions .What more could you ask for in a book. I am only on chapter 175 but I can tell you with the talent and passion this author writes with it will only get better as the journey continues. So come and see what true love and second chances really are all about.


I am a sucker for a lonely immortal hero in a fantasy romance and was happy to find one here. Enjoyed it so far 😍 and can't wait to read more. Well done author 👏 🥰


I was hooked on this novel from just reading the sinopsis . Looking forward to reading more about the ML and see how he’s going to woo the FL back. This is the second novel I read from this author , and I’m not disappointed . I also like how the author is very interactive with the readers.


From the Creator of the Top FL Novel- The Cursed Prince, Author MRB is about to nail it again with The Cursed King! I've done reading the Early chapters and I could say that this book is another great love story in the making. Looking forward on how King Loriel would make it up to his wife after treating her so badly in the past. About the writing style of our dear author, I like it. It was easy to read and understand. the flow is very smooth- the narration, and the dialogues. This is one of the many spirity books that you should never miss reading! You will never regret it. All the best sunbae in your new Book. Go and get the Gold! Fighting!


I'm always a sucker for great romance stories. the synopsis alone had me engaged .... can't wait to dive in and read the entire thing. I love stories that take me on an adventure


Ah: I’m so in love with the characters in this book and The Cursed Prince. I find it so fascinating how the author weaves together these two books—to give two sides of a story. While I’m always craving more chapters, this author does not disappoint with her updating stability. She is also beey interactive with paragraph and chapter comments. I don’t lnow how she does it all, but I’m so glad ahe does! Bottom line: check this book out! I am hooked on a good love stoArt where the ML learns from past mistakes to make up for it now.


Just started this book a few days ago and I can’t put it down! I am nearing the end of the cursed prince a novel by the same author and wanted to continue with her books because i love her writing style and this story has characters introduced in TCP. So far I’m really enjoying this book, its funny and sweet and I’m already rooting for them ♥️


been following the book releases of this author and she never fails...i do love her writings, such a promising one so to say..she can lead you to countries you haven't been to sooo vividly that i, personally got interested in at once..thank you so much dear author and the best of luck..looking forward to more reads..


I cant decide which one i like better. This one or the Cursed Prince. Im hooked on both of them but if you read tHe PrInce you.must.Read.this.one!


This is such a beautiful and heart warming story. It's a wonderful portrayal of Enduring love. The writing quality is good and you can tell that the author gives her all. A good read!


A gem of a book I came across since a very long time. A story that beautifully expresses the power of eternal love. An ML leading book, which adds a different charm as it brings a fresh perspective. Well-justified fantasy+modern book. A must try (I promise you, after reading the first three chapters, you will be forever hooked)


Everyone should absolutely check this book out. (also the other books from this author). If your looking for action, romance, fantasy, twists and tricks, or what i like to call "sneak atracks", look no further! its all right here. (as well as all her other books.) Truly a talented writter!!


I came into this book with very little knowledge. This is fantastic! I’m thoroughly enjoying this crazy adventure of a novel. I will say though that it did take a bit of time for me to really get into this book but I'm hoping that I gain a better understanding for everything in the next chapters. Other than that such an exciting read, full of twists and turns that will leave you flailing all over the place! HECK I'M ALREADY FLAILING. Good luck dear author ❤️❤️


Reveal spoiler


The synopsis is so exciting! I love Missrealitybites' books because the stories are unique and have a lot of unexpected twists! I can't wait to read this new book. 5 stars from me!


I am already in love with this book. The synopsis pulled me in, I love the plot. I am already excited by the mention of other characters from the cursed prince in this. Can't wait to see how the rest unfolds 😍❤️


As always MRB's writing is very good. I am not into urban fantasy but I really like the concept of this novel. It's sad that she only wrote 5 chapters in advance. Why not write more so i can read more? Hahahahahaha.... #demandingreader


Handsome ML? Yes. Magic? Yes. Immortal? Yes. My yellow submarine? Trivago. I am proud to say that I am the FIRST REVIEW of this book. All the best to MissRealityBites <3


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