The Cursed Heir Book

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The Cursed Heir


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Walter was a human prince, the heir to his father's throne who was born after been carried for 13months in her mother's womb. Cursed and condemned to be a Vampire by a powerful witch as a result his grandfather's sins. His grandfather king Leon had a witch and her vampire lover killed incuring the wrath of her elder sister Adira a great witch from the Durachi coven. Adira had placed a curse on king Leon's lineage. At the tender age of 6 he was secretly sent to be trained on how to manage his powers and how to control himself while living in the human kingdom. He sneaked into his kingdom for the first time there he met Mila,a girl who became not just his friend but his confidant. Keeping his vampire status a top secret, Walter finally returned back home 14years later to be with his family and take his rightful place but was poisoned. How will he escape death still keeping his identity hidden? What will be the people's reaction when they finally know their heir is an abomination? And will Mila still stand by him? What will be their fate together? Follow Walter and Mila in their journey of Friendship, trust, sacrifice, freedom and love....


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