99 99: Rewards (2)

Chapter 99: Rewards (2)

Whilst getting Nejire discharged, Neji got notified by Nezu himself (via his phone) about the two days school holiday.

Neji gladly accepted it and then led Nejire to the car while making her walk with no help.

"What a scum of a younger brother, not even helping his older sister in need- ahh!"

She almost stumbled, but Neji did nothing to help.

"That's what you get for trying to act out of your strength."

Clicking her tongue while breathing heavily, Nejire regained her composure and continued walking on one of her legs by leaning on a stick.

While walking, since it was a slow journey to the parking lot, Neji replied to Momo's barrage of messages. 

She was worried about where he had left so abruptly. He told her not to worry and everything was fine. He even sent her a selfie to reassure her. 

When that was done, Neji and Nejire reached the car where Kimi immediately leapt out seeing Nejire.

"You know, that was very stupid of you!" Unlike how Neji expected Kimi to act, worried and gentle, she started scolding. "I was watching the fight on the big screens, and I saw all your reckless tries. He was giving you a chance to surrender, but you weren't taking any. That kid looked greatly bothered seeing you hurting yourself like that. Very stupid."

Neji glanced at Nejire with a frown while she looked the other way again. 

'I will see myself when the 4k Ultra HD recap comes out tomorrow.'

 Deciding that, Neji then pushed both of his lovers into the car before getting in it himself.

Kimi and Nejire were closer than before. And they acted more like an older sister and younger sister than a maid and young mistress. Neji was happy with the development.

So, while enjoying their conversation, which was just a one-sided scolding, he was finally checking his quest rewards.


[Quest has been completed!!]


Quest: "Assert Dominance"

Description: The UA Sports Festival is the greatest opportunity for the UA students – but not for you. To even make it a decent enough opportunity, you have to play your cards right.

Objective: Win the entire Event – Coming first in all games.

Bonus Objective 1: Show off as much as possible and attract at least 100 Heroes' attention.

Bonus Objective 2: All of your victories must be overwhelming!

Reward: 3 billion exp, an item - [Power Gauntlet]

Objective Reward 1: 2 billion exp, Health potion 3x, Stamina Potion 10x

Objective Reward 2: 5 billion eco, ????'s attention, Health Potion 5x, Stamina Potion 20x, Magic Mango Tree Sapling.

Penalty: None


[Objective met!]

[Bonus objective 1 met!]

[Bonus objective 2 met!]

[Calculating rewards!]

[Rewards are being distributed!]

[You have gained 3 billion exp!]

[You have gained 2 billion exp!]

[You have gained 5 billion exp!]

[You have levelled up!]

[You have levelled up!]

[You have levelled up!]

[You have levelled up!]

[You have reached level 120!!]

[20 free Stat Points have been distributed!]

This made me quite iffy. 10 billion exp, but only four levels. That was sad. Nonetheless, I continued reading the next messages.

[You have obtained Health Potion 3x!]

[You have obtained Health Potion 5x!]

[You have obtained Stamina Potion 10x!]

[You have obtained Stamina Potion 20x!]

[You have obtained a Magic Mango Tree Sapling!]

[Magic Mango Tree Sapling: A magical mango tree sapling that has grows 100 times faster than normal. It's optional if the owner wants the tree to grow big or not. Growing fruits, leaves, and everything else would happen in a 100 times faster motion. Essentially, the tree would have a single ripe mango growing on it every morning.

The mango is by no means ordinary. Eating one mango from this tree for a month would give the consumer the strength of an adult man, on top of their original strength.

Note: The magical effect doesn't work on Gamers.]

Not bad, good for my harem… but the last part irks me greatly.

Why can't gamers get the magical effect? Who the fuck made this?

[It is a product made by the Director of the Last Act, master.]

That guy again… Does he hate Gamers or something? First Tier Potions and now this. 

What a bastard.

Anyway, even then, Mango is pretty good stuff, I like it. I remember my previous life's father being a big devotee of mango and mango juice. That's one memory I have of him. While I am not addicted, I do like it a lot too.

Anyway, here comes the main parts of the reward.

[You have obtained an item, "Power Gauntlet".]

[Power Gauntlet (Unique): It's a growth item bound to the user.

Once bound, the user can store his or someone willing's power inside for later use. The amount of power stored inside is based on the rank of the item. 

The rank will be increased as the user levels up, as it is bound to him.]

That's... a great one, I wouldn't lie. I can already see multiple uses for this.

For example, I can ask Kurai to store mana inside it for me to use later on.

This way, I wouldn't have to worry about ghosts as much. Oh, also, Izuku might not be that same level of threat he is to me right now. 

I doubt I would be able to do complex spells with the mana inside, but I am sure I can manage special things. Also...

Say, system, can you make the skills work with this mana?

[Unfortunately no, master. I wouldn't be able to use outside mana to run the skills. If not, I would have already done it using the mana present in the air, even if it is as thin as it is in this world.]

I nodded helplessly.

I nodded in understanding. That's good enough. I don't really need immediate boosts. This is all for end-game battles.

Anyway, let's continue with the rewards.

[Of course, master.]

[You have attracted ???'s attention!]

[????'s identity is being revealed...]

[...You have attracted All for One's attention!]


I thought it would be Rumi. What the heck?

What a bummer.


I sighed softly.

...I worked so hard to show off, and all it did was get the eyes of the Ball Sack Man?

Such a disappointment. I want a refund.


"Good as new."

Nejire flexed her biceps, though there were hardly any muscles. Her body was just a ball of super-soft flesh, after all.

After Neji and Nejire returned home, he gave her a simple health potion. Tomorrow and the day after were off because of the festival, and with the boost in recovery she got from Recovery Girl, it wouldn't be suspicious for her to go healed 2 days later.

Nejire sat on the edge of the bed whilst Neji was crouching in front of her, his eyes looking at hers as he slowly undid his socks.

"You know, that health potion stuff is very rare. Please don't take risks just because you know it exists. For all you know, I wouldn't have any of those left on me in a life-threatening situation therefore just fucking die."

Neji said in a neutral tone, which made his words seem serious. But he was just half-joking.

However, Neji frowned deeply as an unexpected guilty expression formed on her face. "...I didn't know." She said, "I… I am sorry, I would keep that in mind." 

"..." Neji smiled awkwardly, stopping midway while taking off his socks. "Err, I didn't mean so seriously you know." Neji rubbed his nose. "What is mine is yours. Well, most of them."

Suddenly, Nejire looked at his earring.

"...As I said, most of them. Not all."

Nejire sighed in exaggeration, her previous guilty fave vanishing. "Such a selfish little brother I have, huh."

Neji deadpanned at her and then stood up. "Anyway, I will be going to my room now that you have nothing else you need."

He turned around, but his arm was pulled from the back and he was pushed to the bed with Nejire's face above his.

"Are you sure there is nothing else I need..?"

Neji kept his innocent act.

"Are you not tired? I am."

He was not tired. He knew Nejire could tell.

"We would just cuddle." His dear sister suggested.

She would not just cuddle. She knew Neji could tell.

"Then let's invite Kimi. She must be lonely." Neji said, hiding a smirk. "Cuddling in a group should be better than two."

"..." Nejire's eyes narrowed to slits. "You really take yourself as a harem protagonist, huh."

"What do you mean?" Neji tilted his head, containing his innocent act. "It's just cuddling, right?"



In the end, her face flushed and she drew her head back.

"I-I would also like to try a threesome, but I am not ready for it yet…" she said, looking the other way. "But if you are so interested… Well, call her here."

Neji's teasing smile froze.

'...Wait, wot.'

Neji wasn't expecting her to actually agree.

Then his smile widened into a grin.




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