92 92: Sports Festival (6)

Chapter 92: Sports Festival (6)

Ida was in the arena right now.

He stared ahead at his opponent, his gaze sharp with his thoughts accelerating fast in his mind.

His opponent, Izuku Midoriya, had a very strong quirk but Ida had no idea how the guy used it in battle.

The only times he had seen Izuku use his quirk all out was in the fight in Battle Training. But Izuku was up against Neji, so… that didn't count.

Anything against that guy couldn't be judged by normal means.

So, Ida decided to play safe. He will speed up, run behind Izuku at a blinding speed, grab Izuku's shoulders and then use the full burst of his engines to push Izuku out of the ring.

A simple strategy. No need to complicate it.

As he nodded, looking at his opponent, Midnight waved the red flag in hand down in the air.

"Your match starts now!"

Ida moved immediately.

As planned, he kicked the ground and appeared behind Izuku in an instant. He spread his arms and tried to grab Izuku's shoulders, he would then just push him out.

However, his hands couldn't touch Izuku's shoulder at all.

His hand was slipping in the air from the kid's body as if the latter wore an invisible armour.

Realisation hit Ida immediately. Izuku was reflecting the air around him, causing the air to act as armour.

Ida knew it shouldn't be that durable. He just needs to push harder, faster.

However… by the time he reached that conclusion, it was too late.

Izuku turned around, his palm spread as he softly placed it on Ida's chest.

Ida didn't get the chance to react, as Izuku's lips moved.

"<Astral Push>"

A wave of invisible Astral force repelled out of Izuku's hand, a mixture of both his quirks, just as Ida's consciousness… blew out of his body like a candle against a gust of wind.

He didn't enter a state of Astral Awareness, since he had no such quirk, and instead was just knocked unconscious.

Izuku smiled, his teeth shining.

["My, my! Did Midoriya just push the consciousness out of Ida's body?! A deadly quirk, indeed!"]

Present Mic said, who had by now already explained Izuku's Quirk, Attraction-Repulsion, to the crowd.

Izuku found that funny. UA was giving the information of their students out to the whole world, and yet they expect the villains to sit still?

That's lame.

["With this, the 4th round goes to Izuku Midoriya!"]


Neji observed the match with a calm gaze, calculating in his mind.

So Izuku could do that, huh. That would be a pain in the ass in a real fight against the kid, but Neji could manage. This only meant Izuku's quirk would be more useful than he initially thought after he would rob it…

Next was Mina's match, another boring one.

Mina was up against Inasa, the <Whirlwind> quirk user.

Unlike Todoroki, Inasa didn't attack first. Neither did Mina surrender like Kendo.

Mina attacked immediately after the match started. She clasped her hands together and widened the gap between the front of her palms, throwing a spray of acid at her opponent.

Inasa easily blocked the attack by forming a barrier of wind. Mina knew she didn't have a chance, but seeing this she couldn't help but feel despair.

Then with a gust of strong wind, Inasa threw Mina out of the arena and won.

These matches felt dry to Neji. There wasn't that feeling of adrenaline one would expect from fights, though that might only be him since the audience was busy cheering their throats dry.

However, the next match was something Neji was waiting for more than his own.

Momo vs Tokoyami.

"You sure you don't need any help? I can give you a plan that will guarantee your win 100%, you know."

Neji sat on the table in front of Momo, who was sitting on a chair by his left side.

"I don't need it."

Momo said, looking grumpy. Neji was only teasing her, but she didn't know that.

She met his eyes. "I don't want to rely on you too much."

"Oh, and that is because…?" Neji asked with his eyebrows raised.


"Are you worried that you'll get too dependent on me, and thus lose all likelihood to leave me in a scenario where I do something you hate the most?"

"H-hey, I won't leave you either way!" Momo's expression softened, and she stood up worriedly.

Just as Neji gave her a short smirk, her face went pink, and then red from anger.

"Get out! I need my mind in peace!"

Chuckling, Neji left Momo on her own. If she said she had a plan, she probably did.


Minutes later, Momo stood in the arena opposite the boy with the head of a crow.

Momo didn't have much idea of the kid's quirk until Present Mic started to describe it.

Fumikage's Quirk allowed him to manifest a sentient shadow monster from his body that he could materialise and contract freely.

That's all the man said. He didn't reveal any weakness or strength about the quirk itself.

Momo's quirk was also explained, and it got gasps from all around the stadium.

Tokoyami frowned when he heard her quirk's explanation. He decided he would attack and finish the match immediately, or who knows what the girl would create—Momo could guess his thoughts.

"Alrighty!" Midnight raised her hand in the air, holding a red flag. "Your match starts now, kids!" She swung the flag downwards, and the sound of bell ringing sounded from the speakers.

Tokoyami rushed at Momo.

In response, Momo created two aluminium rods with stun guns attached to their heads.

As planned, Tokoyami rushed at her with Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow flung its head at her, wishing to push her off the arena, but Momo swung both her rods forward, slamming on the Shadow's neck.

As both the rods came in contact with each other on the shadow's head, it made a bright flash of white. Immediately, Dark Shadow growled and ran back to Tokoyami.

Momo smiled and took a better stance.

Back in the Obstacle Course, she had seen Dark Shadow act strangely when one of Kaminari's lightning bolts hit it accidentally.

Was the shadow affected by lightning?

Momo didn't think so. Because if that was the case, the lightning would have travelled through the shadow and affected Tokoyami too since their bodies were connected.

Of course, she was still sceptical. Quirks were always weird. But with this attack, she confirmed her suspicion.

The stun guns on the rods she created were far stronger than any used by the Police, and for reference, the one's Police carry these days were very deadly because of the variety of quirks many criminals had. So the shock it made was as strong as, if not stronger than, the attack Kaminari used.

That's where she confirmed her suspicion. Even while Dark Shadow flinched, fell back even, Tokoyami was unharmed.

That meant the thing that hurt Dark Shadow wasn't the electricity, if it was it would have flowed to Tokoyami too. Instead… it was the light created from the electricity.

What are the odds that a Shadow Quirk's weakness is Light?

Momo smiled and decided to proceed with Plan-C.

From Momo's forehead, a pair of sunglasses popped up and fell over her nose bridge, and then multiple Flashbangs started to fall from all over her body.

Before Tokoyami could react, dozens of Flashbangs activated and flashed brightly. In an instant, Dark Shadow screamed in pain, and so did Tokoyami.

The audience covered their eyes because of the light too bright for their sight.

By the time they opened them…

Tokoyami was out of the arena, laying on the ground with his eyes closed, dark shadows nowhere to be seen.

Midnight rubbed her eyes painfully for a while before opening them wide. She stared at the arena for 3 seconds before announcing the result.

"...Round Five's victory goes to Momo Yaoyorozu!"

As the crowd broke out in another cheer, a giggle left her as she licked her lips at Momo.

Momo simply took a deep breath in while smiling wide.




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