"How could you both do this to me?" 

My voice trembled. I was unable to believe the scene before me. 

It was less than an hour before my birthday party, and I found out that my sister, Susan, had been sleeping with Jack, my boyfriend of three years!

Jack wasn't wearing a shirt, and he slid out of bed, giving me a displeased look as he did. It's obvious he was feeling that way because I had appeared and interrupted them from having a good time. Without saying a word, Jack took my arm and pulled me into the room, slamming the door behind us.

Susan pulled up the sheets to cover her body, her long hair scattering over her snow-white shoulders. She kept her head lowered, her gaze focused on the sheets in her hands. 

My eyes burned with anger. She didn't even think to put on her clothes immediately?!

Susan was an adopted child. My parents had brought her home when I was seven years old. On the day she arrived, she wore an ordinary floral dress and didn't even have a suitcase. My father carried a black cloth bag containing only two sets of old clothes. Those were the only things Susan had to her name.

She looked frail and thin, and she was also timid. When Susan stepped into the house, she peeked at all the furnishing with curiosity and envy in her eyes.

My mother looked at her indifferently, as though Susan was merely a stray puppy they had picked up from the roadside.

"Susan will stay with us from now on!" my father had said to me.

I hugged her, took showers with her, then went to bed together. I shared everything I had with her, even though Susan was my only friend in the world. She took care of me like a real elder sister, and in my memory, she had never fought me for anything.

"I hate you, Susan!" 

I stood in front of Susan, tears streaming down my face and to my lips. The excruciating heartache felt suffocating, and I wished that the person in front of me was not Susan but someone else. At least I could hate them and even beat them up to vent my anger. But faced with a loved one's betrayal... I only felt hopeless and heartbroken!

"Annie, it's not Susan's fault!" Jack stood in front of me, with a tiny drop of sweat on his chest hair. He frowned at me, but there was not a hint of guilt in his eyes.

"Susan is my mate! We found each other only last month!" Jack sighed. "I'm sorry. I was going to tell you earlier, but Susan was afraid you'd be sad, so we kept it a secret!" 

"So you're saying I should thank you, is that it?" I stared at Jack. This was the man I once loved deeply, and I remembered his promise to me under the moonlight.

"You once told me that even if I wasn't your destined mate, you would still choose me as your future wife. Didn't you promise me that?" I said through tears. "So all those words were lies, weren't they?" 

"Annie, we were only sixteen years old back then. I was young!" Jack lowered his head, his tone helpless. "Everything's changed. I loved you, but I also love Susan now! I've actually thought of a solution to work with this!"

"What is it?" I said, giving Jack a suspicious look. However, he turned away. 

It was evident that he was afraid and thought I wouldn't accept whatever he was going to tell me. 

"Annie, I know you're amazing. You're the best person to be Luna... But our Pack can't accept a Luna without a wolf! I can make you my lover, and I hope you can help Susan be a good Luna at the same time. I'm sure you can do it! That's my decision!" 

Jack only turned to look at me after he finished speaking and waited for my answer.

I could only stare at Jack, gritting my teeth hard and trying my best to contain my emotions. I felt my body grow cold. I never thought the man I once loved would say such cruel words to me. 

A werewolf without a wolf was as good as being an alien in a wolf pack. They couldn't even compare to a lowly Omega wolf! They were a disgrace to werewolves. A werewolf without a wolf couldn't even have a werewolf's name!

However, the man before me once told me that he didn't care about me not having a wolf.

"Your wolf will come eventually!" He had once comforted me in such a tender, thoughtful manner. 

But now, as Jack said... Everything had changed. He changed, yet I was the one foolishly kept in the dark.

"Go to hell!" I hissed fiercely to Jack. "You've humiliated me, Jack! I hate you!" 

"Annie, calm down!" Jack hurriedly grabbed my arm and tried to hold me back. "I still love you, and I hope you and Susan can live in peace together. Without your help, it'll be difficult for Susan to become a Luna!" 

"Shut up!" I finally exploded. It was only at this moment that I finally woke up. 

It turned out that to Jack, I was simply a tool to be used. I was even thinking of giving him my virginity after my birthday party! Oh, I was such a fool!

"Put on your clothes!" I grabbed the vase on the table and threw it towards the corner of the bed, and I heard Susan let out a wretched scream!

"What happened?" 

The room door opened, and my parents appeared outside at the same time.

"Oh!" My mother covered her mouth in disbelief, but the shock on her face quickly turned into anger. She glared daggers at Susan, who was still in bed.

Jack was already by Susan's side at this moment. Her head was buried in Jack's arm as she wept softly. 

I saw my father and Jack exchange looks, and then my father spoke in a low voice, "Go to my study, Annie!" 

He gave me a look as he spoke. "We'll talk about this matter which concerns the three of you!" 

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