The Curious Case of Parnassus Book

novel - Fantasy

The Curious Case of Parnassus


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In the secluded town of Parnassus, the Parnassus Manor stands as a fading testament to enigmatic tales of apparitions and hidden treasures. Nina Harper, a curious young woman, inherits her grandmother's journal, kindling her fascination with the mansion's mysteries. The journal hints at unusual occurrences and secrets surrounding the mansion, sparking Nina's determination to unveil the truth. With the help of her skeptical friend Alex, Nina delves into the journal's cryptic entries. Together, they embark on a journey to decode the whispers of the wind and the echoes of the past. As they navigate hidden passages and hidden rooms, they uncover a legacy of forgotten stories and reveal the mansion's enigmatic history. Their quest unravels the boundary between reality and legend, confirming that behind every tale lies an element of truth waiting to be discovered.