The Cultivating Seductress System

Sarah, a commoner girl from the slums meets a mysterious blue light in the forest. The girl ran from the blue light in fear and hesitation. Trying to find a way out before she made a choice she didn't understand. She didn't want to make her choice. But soon the blue light forced her to make the choice. Her only choice. She pressed [Yes]... [Welcome to the Cultivating Seductress System host!] The Cultivating Seductress System? Sarah had used her lustful nature to have control all over the slums and the mortal world. Using men and women, both, to get the things she desired while indulging in the bodies of those she seduced. But with this new mysterious system, will she be able to take the fruits of those cultivators as well? Will she be able to seduce those arrogant cultivators into doing her bidding? If she could... 'Now that would be interesting.' /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// Author here! This is my first book ever! I’m hoping to write a very sexy story that will give the boys, and the girls something to enjoy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). ( Even though the story isn't centred around its hentai aspect, there are a lot of sex scenes in it. So, look forward to yuri, futanari, straight, monsters, incest, etc.) (Story gets a bit dark in some chapters, so read with caution.) The art on the cover isn't mine so if you want me to get rid of it just tell me and I'll happily do it. I constantly edit my previous chapters to at least have readable grammar and a good story, so expect a lot of changes in chapters while reading. Feedback on how to improve is highly appreciated! I’m trying to make the best book I possibly can for my first time, and I'm also trying my best to improve my writing so I can write a new book in the future. Hope you enjoy the story!

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A Studying Incubus

'The name of the realms goes as follows: Law Tempering, Law Accumulating, Law Breaking, Soul Building, Soul Burning, Immortal Soul, Immortal Ascension, Life Bringer, Life Cultivation, and finally, Creation. These are the ten realms of Cultivation that the highest of beings have reached...'

In a tent far away from the Kron Border, a young man was studying with furrowed eyes as he tried to remember what each word he read meant.

For the past month, he had been learning how to read, since the slums hadn't taught him any, and he was doing very well. Already knowing how to read completely by the time he reached day 20 of study.

'Guess being a Cultivator does wonders for the mind,' Damian thought before he continued studying.

'...Even though people call the world The Five Planes, there are only actually two. And the public only knows one of them. The Lower Plane. Which is where the mortals and the Cultivators below the Immortal Ascension Realm reside. And the other Plane is the Higher Plane. Where the Gods Reside...'

'So... the Division of the Five Planes in the Lower Plane, is actually the division of the different races. The Demons reside on their own side of the world, while the Beast Nomads reside on the other.'

"Huh? Beast Nomads?" Damian interrupted himself midway in his study as he suddenly came upon a word he hadn't heard of before.

He picked up a book of definitions and quickly flipped through it until he found the meaning of the word.

"Ahah! Now I know what that is. It's talking about the Beastial Demi-humans. They are usually seen as Nomads that travel across the Planes- I mean, the world while they live their daily lives. Though they do still have their own 'Plane', it's only a conglomeration of different Nomad Tribes of different types of Beastial Demi-humans. There could be as much Division between the Feline Tribes, as there could be between Demons and Humans.'

His lips perked up as he thought amusedly, 'That's quite an interesting fact.'

But before he could get back into reading, he suddenly frowned as he held his head in pain.

"Ugh..." He groaned in pain.

He looked to his side where he always kept a glass of Vitality Water and drank it in quick gulps.

And after he finished, he started taking deep breaths.

The headache wasn't going away.

"Haa... haa... I need to... feed. Fuck!" He said with a slight growl as his canines started to slowly jut out and his eye colour changed to a bright orange.


And that's when he suddenly heard the door to his bedroom open up with a bang. And a naked Mia walking out with a smile on her face.

"It's time!" She said with a big smile while looking at the trembling Damian with lust.

Yes... it was time.

Damian sniffed the air for a moment as he smelled something sweet. Then, he suddenly stopped trembling. As if everything before was an act.

As if there was no pain.

He slowly turned his head around as his eyes locked onto the female.

And then... he pounced.

"Ah~" Mia moaned as she got tackled to the ground by the hungry Damian. Making her feel pleasure because she knew what would come next.

"Yes~! I'm your toy~. Please use me however you see fit, master~!" She said while biting her lip and trying her best to stop her moans from going outside.

Damian immediately put his phallus inside of Mia as soon as he got the chance. Biting into her neck as he couldn't care about anything except for his pleasure. Going as far as disregarding the fact that the woman was already ready for him naked inside his room.

"Ah~!" Mia moaned when she felt Damian's thick rod enter her inside with no foreplay. Not like she needed any. But still, it was the thought that counted.

After he got his cock inside, Damian separated away from Mia's neck and instead placed his hand over her neckas he choking her out with every thrust he did into her body.

And soon, he began to speed up. And as he did so, Mia only felt her pleasure hieghtened with each second this continued.

Slowly as Damian fucked the lights out of Mia, she lost her breath as her lungs begged for air.

Her face was going red, she was tapping on Damian's hand desperately in an attempt to get him off.

But when he didn't listen. She tightened her pussy as she suddenly felt herself cumming.

Damian also made it quick for the poor girl. His conscious self didn't want to kill her while fucking just because he was late for his feeding tonight before studying.

It would've been a pity...

Soon, he starts to cum as he felt his lust reach a high crescendo.

"Fuck!" He growled as he splotched his lust onto the canvas called Mia's womb. Filling it up quickly as it rapidly absorbed her life force in the process. His semen now evaporating as he felt his lust and hunger both be fulfilled at the same time.

Soon, Damian's cum was completely devoured during the process, leading him to groan in satisfaction as he felt his hunger satiated.

He quickly got rid of his grip around Mia's neck, and started to be gentle with her as he took her to his bed where she could sleep. The poor girl was fucked till exhaustion.

With his hunger satiated, Damian decided to go back to studying before he heard a knock on his door.

Knock! Knock!

For a moment, Damian narrowed his eyes as he eyed his door with suspicion. But that was until he heard the subsequent knocks.

Knock, Knock!

And once he heard the second verse of the knocks, Damian quickly brought his pants and pulled it up as he went forward and opened the door.

As the door creaked open, Jonah stood on the other side with a neutral expression before suddenly finding the stench of lust emanating from Damian's room like a fog to his face.

His face scrunched up as he blocked his nose because of the smell.

"Can you at least clean this place up after your feeding?" He said as he looked at the pile of papers on a table with ink and pen near it, and the love juices on the floor near it.

Damian just shrugged his shoulders and walked back to his desk.

"Sorry. I was feeding just before you came by, so I didn't have the time to clean up," He said as he sat down on his desk and went back to studying with his paper and ink from before.

The wolf grunted as he heard that. He took this chance to come over so he could talk to Damian about something.

"You're personality seems to have taken a hit after you awakened," Jonah commented at Damian's more relaxed mood and manners.

Damian just chuckled as he heard Jonah's verdict.

"Yeh, you might not believe it, but I haven't changed at all actually. This is only me letting my true self be more free," Damian said with a smirk before he went back to his books to continue his studies.

Deciding not to take this visit as a thing to joke about, Damian asked, "Why did you come here, Jonah? I haven't given you up to the authorities or anything like that. In fact, they don't know that I'm an incubus either. But they will soon as soon as that instructor with that Life Law comes over. I need to study as much as I can before I have to leave with Mia. You know that, right?" Damian told Jonah as he raised his brows at the end.

Seeing where he was coming from, Jonah nodded as he placed a scroll onto the table.

"Oh?" Damian said with a slight shock. He didn't expect a gift from the wolf, so he quickly opened it up in good will, only to find a map about the camp and the surrounding area.

But that only bewildered him more.

"Is this..." He stops in shock as he looked at Jonah with an amazed look.

'Just how did he get this map?' He thought. He knew he couldn't do the same. Which only left him more amazed he got this at all.

Jonah looked back at Damian and said, "Now, I've done my part. You have to take me with you when you escape."

Damian's eyes perked up when he heard this.

He then shaked his thoughts off his mind before solemnly nodding at Jonah's request.

"I will. You were required in the plan in the first place. There is no 'escaping' without you, Jonah," Damian said as he rolled up the map and placed it to his side.

"But you seemed to care more about escaping with me than anything else. What? were you going to miss me once I was gone?" He asked with a mischivious smile.

Jonah looked at Damian with a cold look before giving a small smile. "Nah. Just wanted to see that girl of yours a bit longer before I left. She seems to be a hot piece of work afterall."

Damian paused his smile once he heard that.

And Jonah continued smiling.

Then both of them erupt into laughter.

While wiping his tears Damian said, "God Jonah. That is probably the worst joke I've ever heard. Hahaha, no wonder you didn't have any friends for the past three years!"

Jonah followed along and said, "Hey, at least I do know. And you and your sister was the first one."

Soon the two quited down for Mia's sake before continuing their discussion.

"Good. My sister always had a way of making friends with anyone she met." Damian said delightfully before he brought down his pen onto a small piece of paper and started drawing a diagram down.

Seeing what he was doing, Jonah waited curiously until he found Damian had finished it under two minutes.

"That was fast?" Jonah said with surprise.

Damian nodded and said, "Perks of being a Cultivator," Before giving him the piece of paper.

As Jonah saw the diagram, he also saw some basic descriptions by it's side that helped him parce out what he was actually reading.

"This is everything about how the Dantian and the Law Qi veins work. You can't use the cultivation technique made by someone else, but by using this framework, you can easily get started on making you own cultivation technique." Damian said with a small smile before he went back to the map, and then overlaying it with his studies.

Seeing Damian going back to work, Jonah took the paper with gratitude and nodded at Damian before leaving the tent.

These two were going to be good friends once all of this was over.

Sorry for the mini-hiatus I took. But you see, I became addicted to Persona 5 for a little while. Then youtube, then monogatari, then AI chat bots, then Dungeon AI, and now, I'm starting a new book.

Well, these past two weeks have been a crazy ride if I've ever seen one. Hope you guys and gals like this chapter!

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