The Crown Prince of Mystery Book

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The Crown Prince of Mystery


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Xiao Chen, the Crowned Prince of Yugang High School. His family background? Mystery. His financial Background? Mystery. His living condition? Mystery. Amount of siblings? Mystery. Grades in school? Mystery. Since Xiao Chen has kept many things a mystery from his peers, he was automatically titled the Crowned Prince of Mystery. Watch how this mysterious prince becomes not only the Crowned Prince of one measly high school but the entire planet! ============================== Lots of dramatic irony meaning although the characters in the novel don't know shit about the mc, you will! Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Harem Tags: Polygamy (Done right, not rushed), I don't wanna reveal to many tags cause of spoilers. I know some people hate harem/polygamy so fair warning. (Kinda bad at comedy but we'll see what I can do)