699 Make way for the King- Part 3

Calhoun didn't answer her right away. He enjoyed watching Morganna in pain. To Laurence and everyone else in Devon and people in the other kingdoms, they had come to believe that Queen Morganna had been killed, executed by giving her quick death. But he had decided to torture her. It gave him immense joy by seeing this woman suffer, and right now, he could do nothing but smile at her plight. 

"I am sorry I didn't quite catch that," said Calhoun with an oblivious look on his face. "Could you repeat it?" 

If the time was different, Morganna would have killed Calhoun with her bare hands, but she was not in a position to do that right now. This bastard had kept her in isolation without offering her even water. 

"W-why are yo...do t-this?" it took everything in Morganna to speak those words, especially with the rod stuck in her mouth. It was hard to move her lips to speak. 


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