91 List of adjectives- Part 3

Madeline had been utterly mortified when Calhoun had asked James to make the garter. The information could have been relayed in parchment as it wasn't the outer clothes but what he had asked for was a female's intimate possession in front of everyone. 

"You did it on purpose. You wanted to create doubt in his mind. That is why you called him today, isn't it?" questioned Madeline, stopping her feet from walking any further. Calhoun took one step before turning around. 

"Sorry, what was it again?" he asked her and Madeline ground her teeth. 

"Nothing," said Madeline to start walking again. But before she could walk past him, Calhoun caught hold of her arm. 

"I think someone needs to learn some manners on how to behave," Calhoun stared at her. He did not go of her arm and neither did Madeline try to resist. What was the point of resisting if he was only going to catch her when they were barely a few inches away from each other. 


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