685 Fallen Queen- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Die Reisenden 2- Ben Frost


The colour on Morganna's face fell quickly when she heard the order given by her son Laurence to the guards. For a moment, everyone stared at the King and the Queen, not knowing if King Laurence was joking with them, but when the man didn't utter another word, the people around the room realized how serious he was. 

Lady Samara had not expected her husband to order the guards to take her mother-in-law, the Queen of Devon, to be dragged out of the castle. But then, no one had expected Morganna to poison her son. 

Morganna was in utter shock, and she pleaded, "Laurence you are being rash with your decision, please listen to me," her eyes had narrowed in disbelief because of the absurd order that her son had passed. 

The guards stood dumbstruck in their place. Until now, the Queen was as important as the King in Devon. 


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