37 At the table

When Madeline entered the room, the guests in the room who were the relatives of the King didn't bother to spare a look at her. She was non-existent, and Madeline didn't mind it. Instead, she was glad that they were not looking at her and that their attention was fixed on King Calhoun. 

The woman and her two children stood up to bow their head, waiting until the King sat down in his seat, and he waved his hand for them to sit. 

"Good morning, my King," the woman was the first one to greet him. A smile on her lips and Madeline noticed her thin eyebrows on her face. 

"Good morning, Rosamund, I wasn't expecting you today," Calhoun commented, picking up the napkin that was placed at the side to put it on his lap.

"We were passing by the castle and thought to give you a visit. It has been a while since we last saw you," the woman answered, touching her blonde hair that was twisted and tied around to the side. 


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