The Crown's Fire

[Warning: r18+/strong mature content] Amidst the clash of desire and betrayal, who will dare to sacrifice everything for the sake of love? With the ability to foresee the future, Tarah could propel kings to unprecedented heights of success or plunge them into the depths of irreversible failure. But when her kingdom fell, Tarah was forced to offer herself into servitude to her captor in exchange for her brother’s life, becoming a spy in a dangerous game against Ezekiel, the future Dragon King of Ebodia. Haunted by a prophecy of his doom by a woman’s hand, Prince Ezekiel has meticulously avoided female company throughout his life. However, everything changed when he met Tarah, the new fated Seer of Ebodia. Initially only caring about ruling the world, Ezekiel now finds himself strongly enamored by Tarah, at the risk of losing sight of his own goals. Caught between safeguarding her brother's life and the growing affection for the domineering ruler, Tarah faces a dilemma. Will she navigate this dangerous path, risking everything for her heart's desires? ********* Excerpt: "You can't escape me. There's nowhere in this world where you can hide from my reach," Ezekiel whispered, his breath warm against her neck. Her throat tightened as his lips grazed her skin. With a firm yet gentle grip on her chin, he tilted her head, urging her to meet his intense gaze, causing her heart to pound in her chest. "I'm here to make you remember every detail of the agony you've caused me," he declared. "Agony?!" she protested. "Yes, your cruel betrayal. Leaving me, breaking your promise..."

Eustoma_Reyna · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
263 Chs


"Your Highness," Tarah murmured, recognizing one of the supposed intruders.

"Huh?" Apollo scoffed, but Ezekiel and Atlas both removed their hoodies.

"You!" Ezekiel grunted at Apollo. "Who gave you permission to take her outside?!"

Tarah turned to Apollo and Cora. "Duke Apollo said he already spoke to you about it, so I assumed Lady Tarah could go out," Cora explained, but seeing the prince's grim expression made her turn to Apollo. "You lied?!" Cora exclaimed.

Apollo scratched his head and snorted, "Well, these two men were supposed to be very busy today. Knowing Ezekiel, he would simply lock Tarah inside the estate walls, and there's no fun in that."

Ezme rolled her eyes and sighed, "Oh, please, let's just have lunch first, shall we? Even if 

Apollo lied, there's nothing we can do since we're already outside. Besides, what harm will befall Tarah when I'm practically here?"