The Crown's Entrapment

[Warning: r18+/strong mature content] “I'm sure you’ll find my arms more comfortable than anything else in this world...” King Darius Grant - the mighty ruler of the Kingdom of Cordon. He was ruthless and impetuous against his enemies. His mere presence screamed with rugged authority; his aura alone was more than enough for some of his enemies to admit defeat and run away at just the sight of him. But despite all of this, he was powerless and shameless over one woman… his mate - the Princess of Ebodia whom he refused to let go. Find out how things would turn out for our possessive King who's dead set on using the Crown's Entrapment to make his mate his by any means necessary. Will he be able to succeed and conquer her all - body, heart, and soul? * Note: Volume 1 & 2: Main Story Status: Completed (Chapters 1 to 555) Volume 3: Side Story Status: Completed (Chapters 556 to 641) "I can only declare myself a winner once I manage to conquer your heart..." Volume 4: Side Story Status: Completed (Chapters 642 to 701) "Love was never in my vocabulary when it comes to women until you came..." Volume 5: Status: Completed (Chapters 702 to 805) “I choose you… you who greedily occupies all the space in my heart…” Special Chapters onwards - completed **** PS: Commissioned Book Cover owned by the Author! Do not use it!

Eustoma_Reyna · Fantasy
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My Hand to You

At Garet Manor, Moonlight Pack

Savannah let out a small breath as she found herself looking out from the balcony of her chamber. It had been a long time since she had some time to give herself some rest in the Grant Manor, but it was a welcome experience nonetheless as she sipped on her tea. She was there well ahead of her son and daughter-in-law arriving, which meant that she had to wait for them to arrive before planning for the inevitable announcements that would soon happen.

In the meantime, she took her time to relax while waiting for the children to arrive.

"It's been that long, I see…" she mumbled to herself as she looked out onto the forest below the manor. "How many years had it been…"