The crisis of human extinction? I created a super college Book

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The crisis of human extinction? I created a super college


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Introduction: After crossing the parallel world for 16 years, Qin Hao suddenly woke up to the system and found that his blue star was about to face the invasion of countless dimensional planes. In order to solve the crisis of human extinction, Qin Hao decided to use the system to establish a super ability college. Since then, Blue Star has entered the era of super power. There are countless bugs like super powers. It is no longer a delusion to break the stars, rub the black hole and modify the laws of the universe. The Devil Prince: "Damn! How can these earthlings be so strong? They sent only one person to destroy my Devil Legion!" The Zerg Mother Emperor: "It's outrageous! The galaxy occupied by hundreds of millions of Zergs under my command has been swallowed up by a black hole rubbed by the earth." The Mechanical Emperor: "What happened? How did my Star Colony Fleet all be captured by the Earthlings?!" ...... Many years later, under the leadership of Qin Hao, numerous super powers counterattacked the different dimensions, and the Blue Star human civilization became the super overlord of the infinite plane, standing on the top of all worlds.


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