114 Call Your Parents

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He was husky, cheerful, and had many lackeys in the school.

Ji Mo was a silent person, and he was a transfer student. He was weak, and others bullied him. Liu Che's mother had come to the school to make a tantrum about Ji Mo's mother. The whole school knew that Wu Tong was a mistress and was a homewrecker. Just because Ji Mo had such a mother, the students in the school kept a distance from Ji Mo.

The teachers in the school were also in a dilemma about this situation. Verbal warnings could not make Liu Che restrain himself. As time passed, Ji Mo got used to being bullied and accepted it.

"Get out of the way."

The textbooks were all in his school bag. Ji Mo could not be bothered to argue with these people. He wanted to go downstairs to pick them up, but they stood before him, blocking his way.

"Does this corridor belong to you? Your mom hasn't slept here, has she?" Liu Che sneered. "so what if I don't get out of the way? What can you do to me?"


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