79 Arranged Marriage

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Shen Hanxing subconsciously rubbed her ears. When she realized what Ji Yan had asked her, she made a hand gesture as she said, "I only drank a little."

She used to drink a lot in the slums, but all she drank was beer. She had never drunk anything like cocktails. So, she did not know that although the fruit wine she drank had a sweet taste, she could easily get drunk. She had drunk many glasses in a row, so it was normal for her to get drunk.

She felt herself floating. Ji Yan in front of her had also turned blurry. Shen Hanxing covered her reddened face with a smile, feeling a little funny. She smiled embarrassedly and said, "So I'm drunk. No wonder I feel lightheaded."

Ji Yan's eagle-like sharp eyes were on her body. From top to bottom, her hair to her eyes, the tip of her nose to her red lips, filled with the fragrance of wine. His eyes outlined her inch by inch, and he looked like a predator looking at his prey.

"Yes, you are indeed drunk."


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