The Crimson General Desires no Prince! (GL)

A festive day, a week have the kingdom of Polestin celebrated for their victory with the crimson general leading their army. The soldiers who served have been guaranteed a spot inside a local bar of the capital city. Clank! "The Crimson General despite being a woman is a talented warrior! Three cheers for the general!" "That woman saved me when I needed it! All hail the general!" "She's like a sister to all the soldier! All hail our general!" Every warrior kept on drinking as the news reached them that the war with their neighboring kingdom was over, the ruler raised their white flag as they asked for mercy- being beneath the crimson general. "General! Come drink with us!" "..." The Crimson General, for how she got her name is because of her crimson hair that became the trademark of her legendary name already spreading across the many kingdoms. "I don't drink." she denies the invitation her comrades and just sat down on the table watching the others enjoy themselves. "Enjoy, general! You might even find a man here that suits to your liking! You know... your type I think...! The general would love a soft-spoken man!" "...No." "Hah! That's a shame! In any case I heard that you'll be receiving a reward for helping win the war!" "A reward... I wonder what could it be." ... The reward: "You can choose any of my children to marry you. I have the finest royal princes for you to choose. That is my reward." The King motions to his left side showing his sons who smiles, sitting in their throne meeting her gaze.. "Eh?" "My liege, forgive me but this is..." "Are my children not good enough for you? General, I applaud your accomplishment. Isn't marrying into the royal family a good enough reward for the general?" The King asked the general who swallowed the lump in her throat looking at the princes in display. "I choose-!" Everyone stopped and waiting for the girl to continue. "I choose the princess instead!"

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Chapter 9: The Entrance Exams (I).

Chapter 9: The Entrance Exams (I).

"Will you be willing to come with me to the military academy in the city of nightwind?" (Rowan) asks the great horse who neighs, looking a little happy after spending some time with her on the farm.

Rowan almost spent the night in the stables, feeling happy that she found a companion that would stay with her throughout her journey. "It's all thanks to the doctor, I must thank her before parting ways."

Our squire was happy to have tamed the great untamable horse that is Spirit… but it came with the cost of a kiss on the cheek.

With the morning came…

As soon as possible Rowan decided to set out on her next journey with her newfound companion that is her steed. She already bid her goodbyes to the master of the house who seemed impressed by how she had tamed the horse so easily and that he gave it all for free.

"Hah to think you actually managed to get that wild one to be tamed like it was nothing! Rumors fly around fast, only took ya a few days."

"Yes sir." (Rowan) was stiff as a board as she talked with him alone.

"Well I reckon you're gonna be a fine knight one day. I'll go ahead and quickly prepare the documents for you with my signature. Gotta have a receipt on all occasions." (Lord Percy) takes out the needed document requirements, making her sign a few things and the method of payment per request by his daughter that it would be free- "And this horse is on the house. My daughter will be mad at me if I let you pay even one silver coin. You really saved her from that horrible young man in the village. I too am indebted."

She got a lot of free things that day, Including the documents needed for proof of purchase and ownership of Spirit. Lately the people she's been meeting have done nothing but be hospitable and respectful towards her.

"Congratulations, you're now the owner of our famous black beauty. I hope you take care of her, even if she was a pain in our back she was one of my favorites." With one last stamp, finally and officially Spirit was hers.

"I'll leave today, thank you for everything Lord Green. I will take great care of Spirit, rest assured." (Rowan) stands up from her seat and gives him a salute.

"You're leaving already?!" The young miss of the estate frowns sadly, hearing from her father that everything has settled she couldn't help but hold onto the girl's arms and pull it slightly to her chest. "H-How about a few more days of stay?"

Miss Charlie Green tries her best to convince the young woman to stay but she shakes her head. The entrance exams to the military cannot wait, now with her new horse she'll have time to settle into the city and find Sir Arthur's unused house.

"I must apologize to Miss Charlie but I am not able to stay any longer due to my exams. I have persuaded Spirit to go with me." (Rowan) has indeed persuaded Spirit to go with her in exchange for a lifetime supply of sugar cubes and affection.

The young lady snuffles, looking a little teary eyed of their sudden parting. It was sudden but she was thinking very dramatically.

"Sniff… but I haven't gotten to know you better. You've only been here for two days and two nights! We barely got to talk or go on lovely walks!" (Charlie) pulls onto her arm, clinging onto it.

Rowan carefully took a step back to not offend the young miss but she really needed to get going. Her enthusiasm and cheerful personality is endearing… but it's a bit too much sometimes.

"Y-You can visit me. I'll send you the address of where I'll be staying." (Rowan) takes a piece of paper from her pockets and a quill. "If you have some ink I can write it down for you."

"Ink?! One moment I'll have one of my maids get it for us!" With a snap of her finger, Miss Charlie's personal maid came in and brought the ink. Rowan dipped in the quill and wrote the address of where she'll be staying before giving it to the excited girl who holds it very happily. "I'll visit you often. I'm sure daddy will let me go and visit my savior."

"O-Of course." (Rowan) smiles nervously, and remembers that there should be someone else she should be saying goodbye to. "T-The doctor too… Please give her my address if she ever asks for it. I am indebted for the kindness she has shown me."

"I'll give her the address, no need to worry. The doctor would most likely be tagging along with me if I ever visit."

"I'll be looking forward to it." She really was, even if it was all a coincidence that they've met. The Green family did a lot to come to her aid, giving her Spirit for free and the horse equipment too. 

"How sweet of you chérie even as we part ways you think of me? I'm touched."

"O-Oh doctor!"

The doctor with her bright pink hair was all the surprise. Her presence was rather transparent but at the same time you can't help but keep your eyes glued to her.

"The journey ahead is… most likely not going to be easy, if I am free and we visit- don't let me see you having wounds because I'll take my time patching you up." The doctor winks, hinting that she'll be doing something else as she patches up her wounds.

"Haha… I have to go now." (Rowan) finally bid her goodbyes to the people she met and attended to her shortly. It was a nice experience, and she would even consider visiting again.

Clack… clack… clack…

The generous family of the Greens has given Rowan and Spirit a new traveling saddle and a saddle bag. It seemed expensive, being made out of the finest and highest quality of leather.

The young squire offered to pay for it but her money was once again denied leaving her no choice but to take a few free things.

The city of nightwind was only a few days away and thus the journey was swift.

"Here have some water, Spirit. It won't be long till we get there." (Rowan) was happy with the comfort of her companion, helping it drink some water taking some from her flask.


They camped and stopped at a few small villages until the two managed to get to their destination.


Current Location: City of Nightwind Main Gate


"Your IDs please. You'll need identification if you want to pass through." One of the guards started checking through the lines, reminding the visitors of the city that they'll be needing some identification.

"Identification… I brought them with me." (Rowan) took her IDs from her [Storage Ring] carefully, she decides to fake it with all the number of people looking around.

She places her hand inside her bag and takes her needed things, without getting unwanted attention. Only the nobility has such a device, if the people surrounding her notices that she has one- she'll become a target for thieves and scammers.


Besides, it was a gift from her sister.

The knight lets the person in front of Rowan in and it was now her turn to be inspected. "Next in line! You there, with the red hair, give your ID and state your purpose of visit."

"Yes sir." (Rowan) gets down from her horse and takes everything she needs showing it to the guard, explaining her purpose of visit. "I came to participate in the military entrance exam for the academy."

The knight's eyes sparkled with joy hearing that this young woman would be competing in the first step of building one's career like his.

"Hoh… at the academy! That takes me back. You're good, everything is settled, make sure you study well. It's not an easy road but you'll get there." The guard pats her back before moving me over to the side with a smile on his face. "Next!"

It was fairly easy getting across the main gate, Rowan thought.

"Thank you, sir." She thanks the man as he pulls her horse's leash. "Whoah."

Finding her way around the city however, it looks like it won't be as easy going through the main gate.

"The city is so… big."

The buildings and houses were tall, bustling and lively. People were all around even at the entrance, adventurers, a few people with different races and clothing could be seen. It was deemed one of the safest cities in the kingdom!

It was nothing like the quiet province she was used to- the only person who got to travel around was her older sister…

She wasn't allowed to leave the mansion.

"The academy is a little far from here… one carriage ride but since I have Spirit it will be faster and I arrived just in time to take the entrance exam in two days time." (Rowan) holds the recommendation letter in her hands and the house address that Sir Arthur has given her.

Slowly her plans were being met step by step.

"Sir Arthur's house- I could ask around where it is." The red haired girl looks left and right, trying to find the street signs or a public map that she could look at.

There were street signs but it wasn't the one that she was looking for.

"Pierre street… I guess I should ask around." She took a look around and saw a man minding his own business near a flower shop. Rowan walks forward and asks him where the address is. "Excuse me, do you know where this address is?"

"M-Me?" He points at himself looking up at the fall figure before him. The local man has never seen this face around, the city is pretty big but- he would remember someone with red hair that stands out around the place.

"Yes, I'm looking for this place. I'm sorry to bother you but I'm not from around here." She explains and waits for the man's answer as he reads the address that was on the piece of paper.

"I see… this street is just actually right in front of the academy. It's where certain dorms are- some knights who're far away from home rent in some rooms in the academy."

"But for the people living in the Pierre area, that's the place for the wealthy."

"F-For the wealthy?" (Rowan) was aware that Sir Arthur was a wealthy man even owning a few properties.

The man took a good look at this stranger asking for directions, checking Rowan from head to toe and seeing the good breed of military horse by her side he thought it would make sense. "I mean if you're going there aren't you um… wealthy sir?"

"I'm a woman." (Rowan) corrects him and the man almost spat out his saliva from the sudden realization.

"M-My apologies! I didn't know you were- I mean for a woman you're very tall and well built."

Rowan could sense that he was getting embarrassed and it was understandable. "Thank you for your help. I'll know where to go from here, have a nice day."

"Y-You too."

"I have never met a woman who can be so handsome… I'm so embarrassed that I mistook her for a man."

Rowan, following the friendly stranger's instructions, takes a horse ride and asks around where the direction of the academy is and finds the street that she needed to go to.

The outside of the academy was built around stone walls and a wooden gate. Everyone who passed by couldn't help but stare at it in awe, catching their attention before minding their own business.

"So the street of Sir Arthur's house should be right around… there." (Rowan) sees a whole lot of area where it's only built on very nice houses. She double checks it again to see if it was the right address, seeing the correct street name she has arrived at her temporary home. "I think this is it."

The whole place seemed like a whole cooperation with the academy so the housing business would stay afloat. It was always a good idea to set up dorms as long as there's a school.

"There's even a private stable I could put Spirit in?" (Rowan) takes the key and opens the gate to the house.

She leaves Spirit outside for now, being trained to stay still and not go anywhere without getting orders.

"Sir Arthur's house…" She holds the door of the entrance and unlocks it.


Revealing a small well kept home good for one person, there was a small kitchen, a living room, bathroom and the master's bedroom.

"...?" (Rowan) sees the walls of the hallway of the house, there were a few medals and badges being displayed.

It must belong to her mentor.

Among all the things framed is a portrait of Sir Arthur and his friends. She couldn't help but smile happily seeing all the tokens her mentor has achieved after all his years of glory.

"Sir Arthur is amazing." She wanted to someday make him proud, choosing this path- even Rowan herself knows it won't be easy. For four years she'll be living here.


Rowan opens one of the house's windows, where the royal castle can be seen over the distance. The wind blew in her face as the memory of the crown princess saving her and complimenting her red hair resurfaced. Her goal is right in front of her, so close yet so far.

And there's only two more days left before the entrance exam.