The craziest Alien

The Craziest Alien Summary This is a fan made story that takes huge inspiration from the aliens' movies. And yes it's a reincarnation story about a psycho killer who got the chance to become the ultimate hunter of his dreams, for he began his hunter career by being inspired by watching the aliens movies, so when he died and an evil god gave him the chance to reincarnate as his favorite monster that was from one of his fav films, how could he say no? So come I invite you to read a story about a man who started off as a monster and ends as a monster! Watch as he grows his army! How he burned whole cities in his wake! How the whole world must bow to him! Watch how a steampunk world with fantasy monsters is turned upside down! And lastly watch as he…makes a friend? Ugh??? Get hitched??? Na, his an ant?? What? Who wrote this??? Author note: yes, I will add pictures like all my other stories that I write, however this project is on the lowest totem pole at the moment so its update will be slow. Also I'm writing this purely out of fun so, therefore the updates will be slow because I have to focus on the stories I can actual get a contract with. Also I got two other fan made books about wow I still need to finish XD.

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Waking in a world of Steam part 2 

Edwam and Aldwith pov: minutes before they died

[so, Edwam, what do you make of this fallen star? Do you really think anything survived?] ask Edwam nervously

[ well… this "fallen star" feels more like just one of our big steam zeppelins, just with more weirdly shaped. And to be honest I severely hope nothing survives! I actually want to return home to my wife...] said Aldwith

While the two soldiers were conversing with each other to strive off their nerves, Edwam suddenly heard a light bang that came just a few feet away from him in the dark. Scared, both men raised their steam guns to point in that direction.

Aldwith gestured to Edwam to go check it out while he watched his back and the door, visibly upset that he had to be the one to go, Edwam was about to complain when he remembered he was the newest member of the team thus had the lowest seniority on what to say.

So, as he bravely adventured on, Aldwith was thanking his lucky star he didn't have to go, when a drop of some kind of unknown liquid fell right in front of his face, confused, Aldwith turned to look up only to see an empty ventilation shaft.

After examining the empty vent for a while, Aldwith began to laugh at how dumb his reaction had been just a few moments ago, now more visibly relaxed Aldwith decided to rest against the wall next to the door, while thinking:

[Ha! There was nothing there! I'm glad no one saw my face just then, or I would be the laughingstock of the barracks for some time now! But man, I do have to say this place gives me the creeps!]

But as he was laughing all the while in his head, he accidentally shined his light on the wall in front of him revealing a mirror, and that mirror reflected him an image that frightened him to his bones for the monster they were hunting for was right behind him!

As he was about to scream two blackish hands busted from the small vent just behind him covering his mouth! Panicking, Aldwith was about to fire his weapon when a sharp pointy tail rushed through his heart!

With blood bursting from his heart to his mouth, he felt something burst into his skull at a rapid pace! With eye fading he managed to see in the reflecting mirror a tiny mouth diving through his brain! With a thud Aldwith body hit the floor but the monster was gone just as quickly as it arrived!

Hearing the thud, Edwam quickly turned around to see his comrade on the floor! Worried, Edwam ran to him and was about to call for help when he passed just under the top vent that Aldwith was examining but a moment ago! The second he did, a tail came rushing down that quickly impaled Edwam from the head down!

Meanwhile back at the human base camp

[sir! We have an emergency! The life lights of both candidates Aldwith and Edwam in team 1 have both gone out!] reported the random soldier

[That's not good, get them the hell out of there now!] yelled Aenward! He then quickly turned to his assistant and said [do you still think I'm overly worried?]

Meanwhile back on the ship

George and Ryany both looked into each other's eyes for a second, with such fear that both knew what the other was thinking without having to say anything… "run" was the only word that popped up in both their minds!

But as they made a beeline to the exit Ryany scanner was going off because the monster was chasing them from behind! But as that dot was getting close second by second Ryany didn't know why he did it, but he turned around and started shooting at nothing!

George was about to grab him and beat him when suddenly the floor under Ryany gave way and he plummeted downward too fast for George to catch him but not so fast that Ryany wasn't able to catch himself on the remaining bars.

As George tried to pull him up Ryany suddenly screamed so loud that George almost dropped him back down! Ryany then screamed uncontrollable:

[I can't feel my legs! I can't feel them!]

George knew that the situation was getting worse by the second, quickly pulled Ryany up only to see he was in fact missing both his legs and was bleeding out profusely.

But knowing that this wasn't the time to administer first aid, George dragged Ryany like a doll with one hand while he raced to the door! But as they ran, so did the monster but underneath the fragile floorboards!

like a shark in the ocean Ryany could see the floor popping in and out as the monster gave chase! Wanting revenge for his legs, Ryany started shooting in hysterical glee! As the sound of gunfire echoed throughout the room, the monster yelped in pain as burning blood splashed onto Ryany's chest!

Ryany seeing the monster that just took his leg, reel back in pain gave him some form of comfort, but that sense of comfort didn't last long for the burning pain soon took over any sense he had left! While screaming Ryany started to tear away his cloth at the seams!

But it was too late for that acid blood that squirted on him was already sinking into his very flesh! He could do nothing but watch as his skin, and bone melted… he watched as his lungs sizzled and burned!

Now George in his panic state didn't even notice when Ryany stopped screaming, he didn't notice the ceasing of gunfire, all that was on his mind was getting out now!

Seeing the exit so close George used that of his energy to make an all-out dash! And just as he collapsed outside the broken ship a dark figure that was giving chase to him ran and hid amongst the bushes.

[Guys come quick, we found George!] yelled a random guard from the recuse team.

Aenward quickly met up with George and quickly asked [what happened in there!] to which George replied with I don't know... I didn't see the creature... You have to ask Ryany I think he saw it] he said with much exhaustion.

To which a rescuer said [sir Ryany is dead]