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The Crafter and The Slug


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Zach is a normal human thrown into something completely out of this world. He meets a Legendary Sannin in a bar and gets his ass whopped while his friend stands there and watches. Then gets blessed by a couple gods only to be put into a cheesy rom-com movie situation. Follow the lovey-dovey story of a man who's pull-out game is weak and the princess of Konohagakure. Can he survive on Naruto's world, or will he have to build a Death Star and just say screw it? Heads up, I know the beginning is really rough I'm sorry. I'm not good at starting stories, or even writing them. This is my third attempt at writing and the longest so far. I'm trying to keep to a two-a-day release schedule. From what I've been told the story picks up after Ch. 16, but he doesn't get very bad*ss until around Ch. 19 Discord: https://discord.gg/Eph2esQ


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