9 Chapter 9: The Queen Claire Part 1 [R-18]

[Warning this chapter contains R-18 scenes! So if you're not comfortable don't read it, but I know you're all ONLY for this ! Hehe]

After a few hours, the orcs have finished eating and the second part of Leon's birthday ceremony begins.

"My dear subjects, I am proud to announce that today and the week that follows you will be able to be fucked by our King! So take off your clothes and present your bodies to our King!" Claire suddenly began to say in a voice that inspired respect.

Hearing Claire ask them to take off their clothes, all the orcs do so without delay. After a few seconds, the room where the ceremony is taking place is filled with orcs who are absolutely naked and with clothes next to each one of them.

Leon, starts to feel his body getting hotter and hotter as he sees all the orcs undressed in front of him.

"Claire, which orcs will be my first partners for tonight?" Leon asks.

Claire turns her head in the direction of Leon's location then starts to laugh softly before answering him with her cheeks a little red. "Your majesty, your first partner is obviously me! Well, if you don't want to you don't have to!"

But when Claire asks Leon if he wants her to be his first partner, she becomes sad at the idea of being rejected by Leon.

But contrary to these ideas Leon simply answers. "I'll be happy to have you as my first partner Claire!"

After hearing Leon's answer Claire became more and more excited and there was a liquid that started to flow from her legs without stopping.

She starts to convulse suddenly, her legs start to lose strength, the liquid flowing from her pussy is expelled with great power and then stops before forming a small lake under her legs.

Claire has just had an orgasm at the thought that Leon didn't reject her and that she is going to be the first orc to be taken by Leon.

So she just takes off her clothes right after getting her strength back to get up.

All the orcs in the room are shocked to see their Queen, who is always full of dignity, pride and had a divine aura, having an orgasm at a simple answer from their King.

The respect they have for Leon just went up a notch without him even having to do anything. They all want to be in the position of their Queen who will be the first to be taken by Leon.

But before this, they all have the same thought, when will Leon take off his clothes and give the honor to those orcs to see his divine body?

"Your majesty, may I ask you to remove your clothes so that we can serve you with all our abilities." Claire was the first to dare to ask Leon to remove his clothes.

This simple question that all orcs were asking themselves a moment ago. All the orcs now have a new look towards Claire. Before it contained a bit of jealousy or envy now it contains only respect and admiration.

Indeed, none of these orcs would dare to ask a simple question to Leon, whom they all consider as the God.

"Of course, I hope that all the orcs here present will be indulgent towards my person, because I am not yet very gifted with the art of making love!" Leon answers to claire then turns to the orcs present.

The moment he starts to look at them, all the orcs can notice that there is a tent on the pants of their King.

After Leon has had enough of looking at them, he decides to take off his clothes and let all the orcs present feast their eyes on his divine body.

He is standing, his body is muscular with a six pack abs, then very refined muscles that show that Leon does a rigorous workout every day and his penis is hard for all to see. It looks like a sword that is ready to pierce everything in its path or every pussies in its path.

When the orcs lay their eyes on Leon's body they only let their eyes remain on him for a few seconds before spending the rest of the time looking at Leon's hard penis.

This is the first time for all the orcs to see a real penis. They have seen the image of a penis through various images that are stored in the archives on Polioni.

However, this is the first time they have seen a real penis. The moment Leon has his penis in front of all his orcs, all the orcs present start to have an orgasm before they even touch it.

The hormones Leon produces are far too powerful for females who have never been in contact with hormones of the opposite sex for several generations.

Leon, who sees the scene unfold before his eyes, cannot prevent his penis, which is already 45cm in size, from becoming even larger, now 60cm in size.

Indeed, today Leon measures more than 5 meters which makes his penis of 60 cm relatively big but not disproportionate compared to his size!

His heartbeat is getting faster and faster, which results in even more hormones being produced by his body.

Indeed, his body has absorbed the tree that has allowed several dozen generations of orcs to see the world. He has a vitality that is much, much greater than any person on the continent or even in the world.

This great vitality has consequences such as the fact that Leon is almost immortal, that his wounds are healed in less than a few seconds, that his hormones and that his libido are strongly increased.

His libido and his hormones are more than 100 million times higher than those of the male orcs of his race at that time.

We must take into account that the male orcs of the time had a libido that was 3 times higher than that of the other races.

This means that Leon has a libido that is 300 million times higher than the other races.

But after a few minutes that passed for the orcs in less than a second. Claire decides to take the lead and move towards Leon before kneeling down in front of his position.

The moment she kneels in front of Leon, she positions herself with her head underneath his penis to show her submission to the treasures of all the orcs of Polioni.

At the same time, her pussy continues to flow without stopping. "Your majesty, may I start serving you with my mouth please?" Claire asks Leon.

Leon is finding it increasingly difficult to keep his cool in this situation. Seeing Claire kneeling in front of him with her penis resting on his head while she looks into his eyes is a combination that makes Leon lose all sense.

Leon simply responds by nodding his head and then taking Claire's head with both hands. He then puts his penis in her mouth and starts to make back and forth with his hips.


The sensation of the inside of Claire's mouth is absolutely divine to Leon. He continues to move his hips without stopping and the only sound that can be heard at this moment in the room is this one.

"Ahhhh... ahh... Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh..."

He removes the penis from Claire's mouth to let her take air into her lungs before putting his penis back in her mouth after a few seconds.


"Ahhhh.. ahh... Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh..."

He repeated this process several times in a row.

However, Claire has difficulty taking Leon's penis in its entirety, his penis is so big that even among orcs its size is considered enormous.

But even though Claire has trouble taking his whole penis, that doesn't stop Leon from trying to force it into Claire's mouth.


After several tries, Claire finally manages to take Leon's penis completely in her mouth.

While Leon is busy making love to Claire's mouth. In the room, the orcs, can't help but start sticking their fingers in each other's pussy, licking their nipples and massaging their breasts.

Even some of the orcs have formed groups to help pleasure each other, while waiting for their turns with Leon.

When Leon turns his head to look at what's happening in front of him, his movements become much more violent in Claire's mouth.

'Ahhhhhh! Yes! Your majesty continued to use this poor orc as your tool of pleasure! I am only made to answer your pleasures! Used as you wish, as an object that serves only to satisfy you!' Claire began to think in her head.

Indeed, the moment she tasted Leon's penis, she started to lose all sense of reason.

Leon's penis, as his libido and hormones were altered by the tree, became absolutely delicious for all women because it was filled with vitality which gave it an extremely sweet side.

Contrary to the other males, which have a vitality lower than that of Leon. A woman who has tasted Leon's penis will find all other penises she sees in the future as absolutely disgusting.

It's like comparing a high quality steak, which has been cooked with the best ingredients in the world, to a piece of garbage that can be found in the garbage of a low quality restaurant.

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