585 Chapter 585-Angelina's Seduction(2)

Hey guys this is the author!

First of all, I am sorry for this sudden huge break, even more that I didn't inform you all about this but things weren't well off for me either.

First off got into a fight in college with my seniors and got beaten up pretty badly, which made it impossible to type or write, after 2 days of recovery my exams arrived and I hadn't studied anything making it so that I had to die to learn and yet failed some.

After all this when I wanted to write I fainted and was soon diagnosed with a pretty severe case of pneumonia, giving me 3 days of admission and rest in the hospital, after all this, I am just free now and fully recovered enough.....

So I shall be pasting another chapter tomorrow for the Conqueror path.

Plus I have made some new decisions for Heavenly Opposers and my third book and I shall update you all on it later.

So hope you are all well.



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