The Conquerors Path

Love, lust, and desire... Austin didn't know much about all that in his past life, for he was average in all aspects of his life. A guy who took psychology and math to learn because he couldn't get into biology, the only exciting thing about him being the fact that when he died, he ended up in his favorite eroge game with the task of getting the girls and making the protagonist a loner. Love, like manipulation or time in hell... That was his choice from the God Of Games... The beautiful girls of tsunderes, the sadist, the masochist, the kuudere, and the...yandere, and more. A world with living, breathing women of high status and power who don't like to share... So what happens when Austin goes behind them?... What happens when the Gods that feel nothing feel for him? What happens when he becomes the gigolo of the Gods?... Well, come and find out as he tried to survive among all the crazy women that exist... [There will be a lot of sex scenes, but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters.] (Note: Hey, first of all, this is not a fanfiction! It's true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels, but none of the characters are related to others from the novel. Also, the story flow will become completely different later!! Again, not a fanfic! The image does not belong to me; if the creator wants to remove it, message me.) My Discord: https://discord.gg/XyYvJ389mg

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Chapter 4-My New Identity(Edited)

Austin Lionheart, a name that every player who has played 'Make Them All Yours' will know, a person for whom even I felt pity in the game.

He was the younger brother of one of the capture targets. He was a wimp and crybaby who admired the protagonist and called him 'big brother'. Having looks that made even the protagonist jealous and someone who hid and behaved like a girl, he was said to have talents in combat but due to suffering trauma at a young age, he became afraid of fights.

Well, if that was all, then it was no problem, but he was then used by the game producers as a sacrifice to boost the protagonist.

It was revealed that the simp-like kid was having an affair with his uncle's wife, that is the Azraeil Empire's Empress.

Also, the empress was so excessively attached to him that she burned herself along with him so that they could be together in death!

Plus, it was later discovered that the empress had forced upon him and had blackmailed him to keep him for herself while hiding it under everyone's eyes. Remembering the scene of how Austin was screaming in despair at how he was being burned by the empress makes my body go cold.

Taking a deep breath to control my body, I take a walk toward the mirror placed in my room and take a look. I gaze upon an eight-year-old boy with silver hair, deep and penetrating purple eyes, and chubby cheeks along a cute nose giving a very cute appearance.

Yup, it's him alright. Even young, I could still tell the characteristics of his handsome face of the future.

'T-Then she must be real too, s-so aren't I already dead?!'

'Wait wait, take a deep breath, the other things are only going to take place so the attraction of the empress must have not happened till now.'

'Yeah, that's right. I don't have to get afraid. I still have time.'

Forcefully stopping my panic, I slowly begin to calm down.

[Host, is your inner monologue over?]

"Yeah, what's up?"

[It's just that I have yet to transfer your current body's memories to you, so could you prepare yourself?]


It was only then did I realize that I didn't have any of the memories of this body.

"Sure, tell me what do I have to do?"

[Nothing much. The host just has to lay down on the bed while I transfer the memories to you. There might be a slight headache, that's all.]

Giving a nod, I walk toward my bed and lay down.

[Starting procedure in 3..2..1]

Suddenly a mild pain comes to my mind, and I started to see some images. Like a movie, they passed through my mind. I closed my eyes and started to integrate with the memories. After 10 minutes of going through the memories, I woke up. The mature aura around me disappears as my movements started to change. Each and every one of my actions started to resemble a child's.

'Um, it will take some time to get used to.'

Opening my eyes, strong determination starts to flow through me. From today onwards, I am Austin, Austin Lionheart. The pain of the past hasn't left me, nor have I forgotten my loss.

'System, did you change something about me?'

I know myself, and I can feel that most of the sadness I felt at the beginning had lessened a lot, and I refuse to believe that it's natural. Just how could I give up 10 years of my life on Earth in just half an hour?

[What has to be done is done.]

Hearing the system's reply, my eyes narrowed, but right now I have no authority, but I will definitely find what has changed. Suddenly, the door to my room opened, and a woman walked in. Seeing her, for a moment, I fell into a daze.

Blonde hair that falls to her shoulder, green eyes that shone like gems, plump lips along with a motherly aura, Grace Lionheart, my mother, walked in. Although I had seen her in my memory, seeing her for real is a totally different experience.

Grace looked towards her child, and for a moment, she felt that her child felt different, like a stranger.

'What am I thinking? Looks like the stress is getting to me.'

Shrugging her thoughts, she walked towards her child. Seeing my so-called mom stop for a moment and frown, my heart almost stopped, and cold sweat appeared on my back.

'Does she know? No, maybe she felt something was different? I need to get my act together.'

Finishing my monologue, I looked towards my mother and began my act.

"Little Austy, are you alright? I got scared when you suddenly fainted."

Saying so, my mother approached me and pulled me into her embrace as I directly fell into her pillow-like breast, and a sweet scent entered my nose.

'Umm, smells like roses. Wait, that's not important. Did she say that I fainted?'

I started to look through my memory and found out that I had fainted during my breakfast. Placing my hands on my mother's breast (by accident) to pull myself up, I looked towards my mother. Smiling, I said, "It's nothing, Mom. It's just that I have a headache, but I am fine now."

Seeing that her son was fine now, Grace gave a happy smile. "Then it's all good. I had a healer check up on you, and she said that you are alright."

"Humph... How can he not be okay? He is the one who always survives after all."

After the loud shout, two girls walked into my room, one a 10-year-old and the other a 6-year-old, and I know the one who had spoken now.

Nora Lionheart.

My big sister and one of the capture targets.