The Conquerors Path

Love, lust, and desire... Austin didn't know much about all that in his past life, for he was average in all aspects of his life. A guy who took psychology and math to learn because he couldn't get into biology, the only exciting thing about him being the fact that when he died, he ended up in his favorite eroge game with the task of getting the girls and making the protagonist a loner. Love, like manipulation or time in hell... That was his choice from the God Of Games... The beautiful girls of tsunderes, the sadist, the masochist, the kuudere, and the...yandere, and more. A world with living, breathing women of high status and power who don't like to share... So what happens when Austin goes behind them?... What happens when the Gods that feel nothing feel for him? What happens when he becomes the gigolo of the Gods?... Well, come and find out as he tried to survive among all the crazy women that exist... [There will be a lot of sex scenes, but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters.] (Note: Hey, first of all, this is not a fanfiction! It's true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels, but none of the characters are related to others from the novel. Also, the story flow will become completely different later!! Again, not a fanfic! The image does not belong to me; if the creator wants to remove it, message me.) My Discord: https://discord.gg/XyYvJ389mg

Chaosking · Fantasy
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703 Chs

Chapter 247-Taking Care Of A Spoiled Lady

"You just wait"

Saying So Shira walked towards her locker and she opened it, taking out a certain communication orb, a few seconds later a voice was heard from the orb, 

"Shira, what's wrong?"

The voice was calm and to be truthful a bit staggering, it was the voice of the head of the Hillclowd family, hearing the voice Shira spoke, 

"Father! did you contact any agents to look after me?"


"Then why is there this guy here saying that he was recruited by you!"

Saying so she pointed the orb towards me, seeing it I stood up and gave a gentlemanly bow as I spoke, 

"Sleeper agent H-019 here, active as per rules set prior"


Hearing my words a confused voice leaked from the orb before which the man spoke,

"Oh, you're the agent set in to protect my daughter but it was only to be activated when you notice something wrong, so tell me what's wrong?"