236 Chapter 236-The Second Mommy

With a flash of light both of them had entered the bedroom, no words were spoken as Austin kept kissing Orpheus's neck while his rod was sandwiched between her huge ass, enjoying its softness, having enough he turned her around, and within a blink of an eye she was now in a bathrobe and that happened just as he wished for it, well he didn't mind it, they moved to hug each other as they fell into the bed,

"Today you will be mine mother"

Orpheus's heart started beating faster hearing her son's voice, a light blush on her face, while Austin took a cup of her breast over her towel, those huge globes easily slipping from his hands, his mouth found its way to her neck as he gave it a light kiss and lick, while Orpheus catered to his moves her body moving around while her hands held his head.

Slowly her towel fell off making her a bit tense,



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